Combining PLC and Drivers is an Important Strategy

Bringing plc and drivers together is an important strategy
Bringing plc and drivers together is an important strategy

Halıcı Group CEO Dr. Hüseyin Halıcı stated that ABB's AC500 PLC product group is ideal for partners and automation companies, and that they are also preferred by customers in terms of providing both economical and flexible solutions, especially with ABB drives.


Noting that they decided to invest in the ABB PLC business line in 2011 and that they grew very rapidly after 2011, Dr. Explaining that in the last 5 years, they have become the biggest partner of ABB in the world, Halıcı continued his words as follows:

“It is key for us to offer the AC500 with drives and switchgear products. We all know that ABB drives are the market leader, but that doesn't mean you can easily sell ABB drives and ABB switchgears to anyone. Especially when it comes to providing solutions, it is possible to become a stronger player in the field with PLC and Automation, and all complete solutions are waiting for our customers.”


Dr. Halıcı said, “As Halıcı, we aimed to focus more on product distribution, to be the supplier of system integrators and to offer solutions to customers with them, and in this respect, I can say that we have been very successful with system integrators and automation companies. We are not competing with automation companies, we are partnering and joining forces. This is why our biggest customer group is system integrators and then machine manufacturers. We are the biggest ABB dealer in Turkey at ABB Drive. This is a situation in which we are well ahead for ABB PLC.” used his statements.


Underlining that customers' expectation is to work with a reliable supplier where they can get quality service and complete solutions, Halıcı said, "While this expectation is valid for machine manufacturers, it is also valid for automation companies. We can give an example of a company that produces textile machinery, which we have aimed for years with ABB drives, but never succeeded. Today, thanks to the AC500, we are working with a leading OEM, a major customer for ABB drives. In addition, extruder machines are another success story for our company.” said.

Stating that the same is true for OEMs and the iron and steel industry in general, Dr. Halıcı stated that they even included ABB robots in their sales portfolio for some of their customers.

Noting that the examples of success are not limited to OEMs, Dr. Halıcı said, “As Halıcı Group, we have realized many projects directly or with the automation companies we work with, as AC500 offers many advantages in areas such as transportation, water sector and tunnel automation.” he said.


Stating that like ABB Drives, AC500 is a product focused on partners and automation companies, it should be presented by creating package solutions for all sectors, especially OEMs. Halıcı said, “The AC500 portfolio; It is easy to learn, sell and manage, and is cost-effective in terms of stock keeping. Although the AC500 needs improvements in terms of features and products, it is ready for channel partners. I would recommend automation companies in Turkey to consider working with ABB AC500 PLCs and take action to add PLCs to their portfolios.” he said.

Referring to his long-term plans as an ABB channel partner, Dr. Halıcı emphasized that bringing together PLC solutions and drivers is a very important strategy. Expressing that it was the right decision to switch AC500 to the same section as the drivers, Dr. Halıcı said, “As the biggest partner of ABB in Turkey, we are on the move with our regional offices with our strong stock and also with our 7/24 service in order to offer complete and economical solutions to our customers.” said.

Dr. Stating that they are the only company that supplies all of ABB's products, from drivers to PLCs, from instruments to robots, and from switchgears to motors, Halıcı said, "We will strengthen our activities in this direction."


Underlining that digital transformation will deeply affect not only the automation sector, but also all sectors and human life in all aspects, Dr. Halıcı noted that the pandemic has accelerated the need in this regard.

Dr. Halıcı concluded his speech by stating that customers have developed artificial intelligence-supported solutions under the umbrella of ABB and Halıcı Group regarding digital transformation.

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