Bayraktar Akıncı TİHA Counting the Days for Delivery

Bayraktar Akinci Tiha Announcement from Baykar
Bayraktar Akinci Tiha Announcement from Baykar

BAYKAR, which manufactures Turkey's national and unique UAVs, announced that Turkey's new power, AKINCI TİHA, will be delivered in 3 days.

Baykar posted a video on his Twitter account and announced that Bayraktar Akıncı TİHA would be handed over to the security forces on 29 August.

In the statement made by Baykar, "Bayraktar AKINCI is preparing to fly out of the nest.. LAST 3 DAYS before Bayraktar #AKINCI TİHA, which will be the indomitable guardian of our skies, is delivered to our security forces!" it was said.

Baykar Defense Technology Leader Selçuk Bayraktar said in a statement, "First he crawled, then he walked... Then he ran, then he flew... The day passed and he got bigger... Now we have burned his henna, we are sending him off to the military for his homeland duty..."

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