Balikesir Triathlon Turkish Cup Held

Balikesir Triathlon Turkish Cup was held
Balikesir Triathlon Turkish Cup was held

The European Triathlon Cup and the European Junior Triathlon Cup were run with the participation of the leading triathletes of Europe and Turkey. Among our two triathletes who continued their studies in Spain for the 2024 Paris Olympics, Gültekin Er came in 22nd and Esra Gökcek came in 20th.

ETU Triathlon European Cup and ETU Junior Triathlon European Cup races were held in Balıkesir. The international races organized with the organization of the European Triathlon Union and the contributions of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality were extremely exciting.

Turkey participated in the races in the youth and elite categories with a total of 15 athletes. The results of Turkish triathletes are as follows: In elite men; Gültiken Er (22), Enes Cranberry (44). Elite women; Esra Nur Gokcek (20). In young men; Emir Tool (7), Burak Çağdaş (9), Emirhan Çakır (13), Taha Eren Çoşgun (16), Bartu Oren (17), Mert Çolak (18), Burak Pak (19), Kıvanç Şahinkaya (20). In young women; Özlenen İpek Günad (4), Beril Selin Ergin (6), Sıla Gür (8), İlay Alsan (10).

Representing our country in the 2021 European Triathlon Cup Elite Men category, our athlete Gültigen Er spoke as follows:

“First of all, thank you very much for everyone's support. It was very proud for us that the European Cup was held in our country. We continue our work in Spain. I was camping there for 3 months. We realized that we've really improved a lot here. Our goal is to go to the Olympics. This competition was also a competition that gave points to the Olympics. And I was in the 5%. I got my first point. I am very proud that I earned points. I am also very happy that our hard work and rewards are rewarded. Thank you very much to our federation. He developed us and gave us such opportunities.'' He said.

Balikesir Triathlon Turkish Cup was also held at the weekend with the main sponsorship of Oral B. Hundreds of athletes from all over Turkey participated in the races held in M3, Star, Young, Elite, Paratriaton and Age Group categories. M1 and M2 category athletes also competed in the Triaton Festival.

Evaluating the results of our athletes at the national and international level, Turkish Triathlon Federation President Bayram Yalçınkaya said:

“Since June, our athletes have spent a productive preparation period in the altitude camp in Erzurum and then in the Balıkesir camp before this race. The individual degrees they achieved in both national and international races that took place at the weekend confirm that they are making progress and that they will raise themselves even higher in the near future. I congratulate them all.”

In the Balıkesir Triathlon, which was sponsored by Oral B, the swimming track races were held at Çay Stream, located to the south of the Avlu Balıkesir Life Center, which is of historical importance.

“We will continue to support the development of Triathlon in our country”

Tankut Turnaoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia of the P&G Group, which includes Oral-B, made the following statement after the races:

“We watched an event that is very beautiful and reflects the spirit of sports and sportsmanship in the best way possible. We had the pleasure of holding an international competition for the first time in Balıkesir. I congratulate all the athletes who took part in this difficult struggle and ranked. Supporting sports, directing young people to sports and contributing to inspiring success stories is one of our basic social responsibility principles. As the main sponsor of the Turkish Triathlon Federation, we are very happy for the support given by our Oral-B brand to the development of this sport in our country. Oral-B continues its activities with the motto of “Make Your Strength Stronger”. It provides consumers with strong teeth and healthy gums, giving them a sense of strength, stamina and self-confidence. Triathlon also requires strength and endurance. Completing a triathlon competition, especially by winning, increases the athlete's self-confidence. For this reason, we find the philosophy of triathlon very close to our own. We will continue to support the development of triathlon sports in our country. Our greatest wish is to applaud our triathletes as they receive medals at the Olympics.”

Other brands should follow the path opened by Oral-B!

Gültigin Er, one of the two national triathletes who continue their preparations for the 2024 Paris Olympics in Spain, and who came to Turkey to participate in the competitions in Balıkesir, said:

“It was a tough race and a very good experience for us. I am happy with the result I got. I will work to improve this further. We found a nice working environment with our coach in Spain and focused on the 2024 Olympics. The sport of triathlon, which is new in our country, needs to be developed and supported. Therefore, Oral-B's main sponsorship is very important. The spread of the example given by this brand and the support of triathlon sport by other brands coming along the path it paved will add a strong impetus to the work of the federation and us national athletes.”

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