Awareness Campaign for Cyclists from Izmir Metropolitan

Awareness campaign for cyclists from izmir metropolitan city
Awareness campaign for cyclists from izmir metropolitan city

Continuing its efforts to increase the use of bicycles in the city, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also organizes awareness campaigns to strengthen the "awareness of bicycles in traffic". In this direction, messages for motor vehicle drivers were displayed on digital screens and billboards in 30 districts, while the rear facades of 15 ESHOT buses were dressed in special designs.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation continues its efforts to increase the use of bicycles, an environmentally friendly and healthy transportation vehicle, from 7 to 70. In this direction, bicycle routes are diversified, and bicycle users are supported with free repair points. In the last two years, the length of bicycle paths has been increased to 87 kilometers; On the other hand, studies are carried out to strengthen the awareness of bicycles in traffic.

In this direction, an awareness campaign was launched, especially for motor vehicle drivers, on road information screens, led boards and billboards in 30 districts. Messages and visual designs reminding the rules to be considered for the safety of cyclists in traffic were also dressed on the backs of 15 ESHOT buses running on the main routes in the city center.

Why is cycling important?

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of Izmir Transportation Master Plan (UPI 2030) and Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Action Plan (EPI 2030), reduce the use of motor vehicles; It aims to increase the rate of use of public transportation and to spread environmentally friendly vehicles such as bicycles and electric scooters. In this context; projects are being implemented for the development of public transportation, pedestrian and bicycle transportation infrastructure. In parallel with this; Efforts are also being made to increase rural bicycle routes for touristic purposes and to strengthen the cycling culture. The share of bicycle among all modes of transportation is 0,5 percent. In 2030, this rate is targeted to be 1,5 percent.

In cities where the use of bicycles and public transportation is common, motor vehicle traffic is no longer an urban problem. The time lost in traffic is greatly reduced. Along with individual and social health, the air quality of the city also increases.

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