Artificial Intelligence Support for the Development of Children aged 0-5

Artificial intelligence support for the development of children
Artificial intelligence support for the development of children

Every day, new ones are added to the usage areas of digital technologies. Finally, an artificial intelligence supported digital parent assistant was developed for the dissemination of early childhood development, care and education.

The early childhood period, which starts from birth, is of great importance for the long-term development and health of children on the right foundations. Making a quality early childhood possible for every child is among the priority targets of UNESCO for 2030. As with all other Global Goals, while the work on this field continues around the world, an important move came from Turkey. Domestic educational technologies company Allegory announced that it has implemented the Digital Parent Assistant Mia4Kids. Ecem Tezel Aldanmaz, Chairman of the Board of Allegory Education Technologies, said, “Research shows that 90% of children's intelligence develops in the first 5 years. As emphasized by the Theory of Multiple Intelligences developed by Howard Gardner, every child is intelligent and has 8 intelligence areas: verbal, visual, kinesthetic, internal, musical, nature, logical and numerical. With the right education, it is possible to bring each field to a good level of proficiency. Mia, who stepped in at this point, supports the development of multiple intelligences of children with daily game suggestions based on artificial intelligence and data science.

The new generation digital assistant Mia is with parents every step of the way!

Ecem Tezel Aldanmaz pointed out that children between the ages of 0-5 spend a significant part of their time at home with an adult and this time has increased with the pandemic, and said, “Adults who take care of children, whether they are family members or not, do not have the educational content and activities that will contribute to their development. . By combining our 10 years of experience in the education sector with technology, we set out to bring a holistic solution to this problem and developed the Digital Parent Assistant Mia4Kids. Mia4Kids is a new generation digital assistant that supports parents every step of the way with an activity suggestion system based on artificial intelligence and data science to monitor and support children's brain development.

Suggests the right one for your child among more than 2 educational content

Ecem Tezel Aldanmaz, who also touched on the working principle of digital assistant Mia, said, “Mia offers child-specific daily games and activities that are followed among more than 2 educational games/activities. In addition, at the end of each week, it sends the development and psychologist reports to the parents on the basis of 8 intelligence areas specific to the child. Additionally, upon request from our working parents who have trouble getting their caregivers to get Mia4Kids activities, trained caregivers We also provide support with our career site. our parents; It can reach certified game brothers and sisters who have completed the "Mia Child Development" training prepared by our pedagogues and psychologists, which consists of 14 topics such as "First Aid", "Setting Limits in Childhood", "Privacy Education in Children" and "Children and Play". Our aim is to build an economically productive and culturally rich society by supporting quality early childhood development in our country.

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