Another Strategic Move to Relieve Transportation in Kayseri

Another strategic move to ease transportation in Kayseri
Another strategic move to ease transportation in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç made another 'strategic move' for comfortable, safe and uninterrupted transportation. Büyükkılıç started the construction of an underpass with an alternative connection road from Eşref Bitlis Boulevard to Talas in order to alleviate the burden of Hulusi Akar Boulevard and Âşık Veysel Boulevard and to provide uninterrupted transportation.

Another new project has been added to the ongoing works at the Furkan Doğan Katlı Junction on Hulusi Akar Boulevard and Âşık Veysel Boulevard, one of the important main arteries of the city. Complementing the underpasses at the intersection of Gen. Hulusi Akar and Âşık Veysel Boulevard, which is under construction, the work of the project has been initiated to ensure that the vehicles that will go from Eşref Bitlis Boulevard to Talas will continue uninterruptedly over Hulusi Akar Boulevard. Within the scope of the project, an alternative route is being built so that the public does not experience unjust treatment in transportation. In this context, it is planned to construct a pedestrian crossing and 42 elevators in the same tube, with an underpass with a closed section of approximately 18 meters in length and 2 meters in width, so that pedestrians can cross safely.

Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç supervised the road construction works on site. Wishing all the best to the team that continues to work feverishly, President Büyükkılıç received information from Deputy Secretary General Hamdi Elcuman, Head of Science Department Ali Hasdal and company officials.

Making statements here, Mayor Büyükkılıç stated that they discussed all the works to solve transportation problems in Kayseri, such as intersection arrangements, works on main arteries, underpasses, overpasses, dimensions that intersect with the tram, and that they continue their efforts to make transportation more comfortable.


Explaining that they are working on 3 separate underpasses in the region, Büyükkılıç said that the rail system, natural gas and KASKİ lines were affected by the works and that they had to carry out major works to displace them, and that all the works will be completed in November and the region will experience great relief in terms of transportation.

President Büyükkılıç, regarding the works started on Eşref Bitlis Boulevard, said, “We are making a new study in terms of meeting our main artery, known as Eşref Bitlis Boulevard, with Hulusi Akar Boulevard and the underpass we have built. We are carrying out an important and meaningful work in order to ease the traffic and lighten the burden of Âşık Veysel Boulevard. I would like to state that the whole of this work will be completed in the eleventh month, and one phase will be completed in the tenth month.”


Emphasizing that the stage-by-stage openings will be made in the coming days within the scope of the road works, Büyükkılıç continued his words as follows:

“May Allah protect us from trouble. Thank God, our means are sufficient, we have resources, we do not have an economic problem, our work continues. I apologize to our citizens, our valuable compatriots, for causing them some torment and involuntarily causing indirect victimization in this process, and I would like to thank all the team who contributed.”

After his examinations, President Büyükkılıç also visited the tradesmen of the region and listened to their demands and requests, and talked to the citizens who were shopping. sohbet He.

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