All Wonders About Breastfeeding Period

All curiosities about the breastfeeding period
All curiosities about the breastfeeding period

Istanbul Okan University Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Opr. Dr. Ferda Erbay gave important information about the breastfeeding period to expectant mothers. Correct Breastfeeding Methods! What should be the frequency and duration of breastfeeding? Common Mistakes During Breastfeeding! What are the Harms of Extended Breastfeeding Period for the Child? If Your Child Resists Weaning?

Breastfeeding is the most appropriate feeding method for the healthy growth and development of the baby. On the health of mother and baby; It has a biological and psychological effect. The need for energy and nutrients during breastfeeding is higher than during pregnancy. A woman who fully meets the needs of the baby with her milk secretes 700-800 ml of milk per day on average. In order to produce adequate breast milk, the mother should take care to take enough fluids. at least per day of the mother; It is necessary to take 8-12 glasses of fluid. Water, milk and fruit juices should be preferred in nutrition.

Here are the Right Breastfeeding Methods!

You can hold your baby in different positions to breastfeed. The situation to be considered here; The baby's mouth is close to the breast. The baby should not make too much effort to reach for the breast. The baby's whole body should be facing towards you in the same plane.

  • Embrace

It is the most comfortable position for many mothers. The baby sucks on the breast on the arm you are hugging.

  • Reverse Hug

It is suitable for babies who are premature or have difficulty grasping. Grasp the baby with the opposite arm of the breast you are nursing, and support the head or breast with your other hand.

  • Armpit

It is suitable for twins, mothers with large breasts, flat-slanted nipples or those who have difficulty grasping. You need to stretch your baby towards the armpit where the breast you will breastfeed is.

  • lying down

Cesarean delivery is the most suitable method for the tired and painful mother after a problematic vaginal delivery.

What should be the frequency and duration of breastfeeding?

The frequency of newborn breastfeeding can be 8-12 times a day. A single breast should be breastfed for about 20 minutes. A maximum of 3 hours should pass between breastfeeding periods. A 1-month-old baby can be breastfed 7-8 times a day. After the 3rd month, it decreases to 5-6 times. After the 6th month, the frequency can be reduced when additional foods are added.

Common Mistakes During Breastfeeding!

  • Breastfeeding in the Wrong Position

The baby, who cannot fully take the dark area called areola into his mouth, makes extra effort to get enough milk and irritates the nipples. For this reason, many mothers do not want to breastfeed because of pain.

  • Getting used to the bottle during breastfeeding

Bottle fed babies do not want the breast after a while. If your baby does not suckle, your milk will decrease over time.

  • Eating Wrong/Diet and Doing Heavy Sports

Diet especially at the beginning of the breastfeeding period; It reduces milk production and reduces the nutritional value of milk. Losing more than 2 kg per month while breastfeeding is not healthy. Alcohol and cigarettes should not be consumed during breastfeeding. Onions, garlic, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, hot spices, and legumes can cause restlessness, gas, and refusing to breastfeed in some babies. Likewise, heavy sports are not recommended for mothers during this period.

  • Thinking that a Baby Who Takes Solid Food Doesn't Need Breastfeeding

Additional foods should be started more as a snack. When they become the main meal later, the snacks should be with breast milk.

  • The Idea "I Shouldn't Breastfeed My Baby When I'm Sick"

As long as you pay attention to hygiene in your diseases such as flu and gastroenteritis, it is okay to breastfeed as long as you pay attention to hygiene.

  • The Thought of “My Baby Can't Get Enough”

If your baby is gaining weight regularly, is getting wet and pooping diapers every day, and is peaceful and cheerful, he/she is getting enough nutrition.

  • The Thought of “I Have Less Milk Because My Breasts Are Small”

There is no relationship between breast size and the lack or abundance of milk.

  • The "I Can't Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding" Idea

Many women can become pregnant while breastfeeding. Because; must be protected in an effective way.

  • Stopping Breastfeeding When Pregnant

It is okay to breastfeed your child while you are pregnant. This does not affect the development of the baby in your womb.

What are the Harms of Extended Breastfeeding Period for the Child?

  • 2 years is recommended by the American and Turkish Pediatric Associations for breastfeeding period.
  • The harms of breastfeeding for children over 2-3 years old are as follows:
  • Eating and chewing disorders in breastfeeding growing child
  • Child's being overly dependent on the mother and regression of pre-care and skills
    Prolongation of the stubborn period after 2 years of age, delay in learning the concept of NO
  • Loss of appetite and sleep problems (frequent waking and inability to fall asleep)
  • Tooth eruption delays due to long-term breastfeeding baby wear and decrease in chewing functions

If Your Child Resists Weaning?

The process of weaning the baby from the breast; It is more correct to do it gradually, spreading over a period of 2-2.5 months, by opening the breastfeeding intervals. The mother should spend time and play with the baby often. The baby should not think that he is holding the mother next to him only during suckling. In addition, the process of cutting from the breast; Care should be taken not to allow the child to go through difficult periods such as teething or illness.

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