Permanent Solution to the Problems Caused by the Level Crossing in Ispartakule

A permanent solution to the problems caused by the level crossing in ispartakule
A permanent solution to the problems caused by the level crossing in ispartakule

İBB has produced a permanent solution to the problems caused by the railway level crossing in Ispartakule, which causes traffic density and accidents. In place of the level crossing, a 230-meter-long viaduct, a 630-meter-long connection road and 30 2-meter-long river crossing bridges are being built. With the project, 90 percent of which has been completed so far, vehicle and pedestrian safety will be ensured in the region. The project will be put into use after the completion of traffic signs, road safety and lighting works in September.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has come to an end in the viaduct work that it started to alleviate the traffic load on the O-3 north side road and to reduce the number of accidents. With the works carried out since March, 90 percent of the viaduct has been completed. Currently, intensive work is underway to complete the traffic signs, security and lighting works. The project, which is followed closely by Recep Korkut, Head of IMM Science Affairs Department, will be put into the service of 16 million Istanbulites in September.


Within the scope of the project, a viaduct was built in place of the level crossing belonging to the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), located on the O-3 northern side road. A total of 8 spans, 230 meters long and 27 meters wide viaduct was built. In order to integrate the building with the transportation axis, a 630-meter-long and 22.5-meter-wide connection road was constructed. The length of each of the 2 creek bridges was 30 meters and the width was 7 meters. The location of the 1600 millimeter drinking water line, which hinders the construction in the region, has also been changed.


With the construction of a highway overpass instead of the level crossing on the O-3 northern side road, the traffic flow in the direction of TEM Ankara and Esenyurt will be made uninterrupted. The disruptions in both vehicle and rail traffic will come to an end. Vehicles leaving the TEM Ispartakule toll booths will be able to transit directly to Esenyurt without turning towards Ispartakule. At the same time, vehicles passing from the direction of Esenyurt will be able to turn in the direction of Ispartakule, which was not there before.


As it is known, on the old road, which consists of a total of 4 lanes, the traffic flow was interrupted during train crossings. The already heavy traffic was getting busier. Vehicles that wanted to turn to the O-3 north side road from the direction of Ispartakule were breaking the rules at the level crossing, causing both congestion and serious accidents. Again, vehicles that wanted to leave TEM Ispartakule and reach Avcılar caused blockages by turning in the direction of Ispartakule and then going to the O-3 north side road.


The absence of a median on the road, many kazanwas the cause. Also, since there was no sidewalk, pedestrians were walking through the traffic, risking their lives. With the construction of the viaduct by IMM, a permanent solution to these problems has been produced.

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