3 thousand 600 more people started pedaling with İSBİKE

A thousand more people started pedaling with isbike
A thousand more people started pedaling with isbike

The “İSBİKE Cycling School”, which was opened by İSPARK with the aim of spreading the use of bicycles, which is one of the environmentally friendly transportation vehicles, throughout the city attracts great attention. There are also elderly citizens among the students of the school, where 3 people have learned to ride a bicycle by training.

“İSBİKE Cycling School”, which is offered by İSPARK, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), to the service of Istanbul residents in order to make bicycles available throughout the city, comes to the rescue of those who do not know how to ride bicycles. In the project, which won the appreciation of the citizens in a short time; Dozens of cyclists who come to the training track learn how to ride a bike in a short time and get behind the wheel.


Children, young people and adults participating in the training at İSBİKE Cycling School learn to ride a bicycle in one day. Adults over the age of 40 show more interest in the school, where citizens of all age groups apply for education. Some achieve their childhood goals, some overcome their fear of two wheels, and some aim to get rid of the traffic ordeal by using a bicycle. Applications for education to ride a bicycle are mostly from women. 50 percent of the total applications are over the age of 40. Citizens between the ages of 40 and 70 who prove that they can use bicycles at any age by learning the tricks of cycling in a short time, accompanied by the expert trainers of İSPARK, are among the bicycle enthusiasts.


The school, which used to only serve on weekdays, continued its training on Saturdays in order to meet the intense interest. Inviting everyone from 7 to 70 to ride a bicycle with the slogan "Let's go to the Cycling School of Istanbulites", İSPARK's “İSBİKE Cycling School” opened in Yenikapı and Maltepe Orhangazi City Park welcomes thousands of people from all over Istanbul. Citizens of all age groups participating in the trainings that started on June 14, compete with each other to learn how to ride a bicycle. In one and a half months, 3 thousand 600 people learned how to ride a bicycle by taking advantage of the bicycle trainings, where sweet competitions and fun moments were experienced. Those who have completed their education and received their certificate; they can do sports with their bikes, they can take a Bosphorus tour on the beach, they can go to school, work or shopping with their bikes.

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