100 Thousand Masks Aid to the Fire Zone from a French Formula Racer

A thousand masks from the french formula racer to the fire zone
A thousand masks from the french formula racer to the fire zone

100 thousand masks aid to the fire area from the French Formula racer. Former French Formula Racer Pierre Barroso, who has been living in Izmir for 2,5 years, did not remain indifferent to forest fires and sent 100 thousand FFP2 masks to the fire area.

Expressing his admiration for the cooperation and organizational skills in Turkey, Barroso had donated 30 thousand masks to AFAD teams in the earthquake on 2020 October 30.

Pierre Barroso, who came to Turkey 2,5 years ago and established a medical company, exports to many points of France, Portugal, European countries and America with the medical company he established in Izmir.

Barroso said that when he watched the forest fires on television, he immediately took action and said, “I breathe the same air as the people here. I love Turkey very much. I was very sad to see the fire. I decided to help. I was particularly impressed by the progress of the fire towards the thermal power plant. Since I am in the medical sector, I decided to send them an FFP2 mask, which I think can be effective against all kinds of gases. I sent a total of 100 thousand masks to the fire zone. Previously, I personally delivered a total of 30 thousand FFP2 masks to AFAD to the earthquake victims.


Barroso stated that he saw Yurtiçi Kargo's advertisement for all cargo to be sent to the fire area free of charge while thinking about how to send the masks, and said, “I called Yurtiçi Kargo. I stated that we have 100 thousand masks to be sent to the fire area. Exactly 15 minutes later the truck came and took the masks. The list of places to be sent was ready in the hands of the friends who came from the cargo. My aid was delivered to the fire area successfully and quickly, without having to organize how I could send it. I congratulate Yurtiçi Kargo for its devoted work. When you want to help in Turkey, just ask. People are really well organized. They share what people need on social media. Everyone is helping as much as they can. Yurtiçi Kargo sent masks to 5 different fire zones. I'm very happy to have been of some help. I am very happy to live in Turkey. I love Turkish people very much. I feel like I belong here. I did not think that I am French or that I am Turkish. First of all, I did this because I'm human. That's all I got. I'm happy if I've helped someone," he said.

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Stating that the Turkish people are an organized nation, Barroso said, “Everyone does what they can. It is supported by sharing on social media. Help lists are shared. The people put their signature under an incredible organization with their own efforts. This is something truly incredible. It affected me a lot,” he said.


Barroso continued his life as an auto racer in his country until 2008. He is still interested in this sport in Turkey. Barroso, who put an end to his sports career as a professional, participates in automobile races as a hobby. In his 12-year professional racing career, Pierre Barroso has achieved successes such as the French Karting Championship, the French Championship in Formula Renault, and the second place in Formula. He also took part in the famous racer F1 Renault test-drive.

Barroso's father, Joaquim Barroso, founder and owner of Barroso Sport, worked with Renault and Citroen teams and famous racers such as Ercan Kazaz, Loeb Sebastien, Mc Rae, Carlos Sainz, Gilles Panizzi.

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