Wipelot Prepares Petrochemical Industry for the Future

wipelot prepares the petrochemical industry for the future
wipelot prepares the petrochemical industry for the future

Wipelot, which is a solution partner to the world's leading companies with real-time monitoring technologies, offers approaches that take the future as a reference for the petrochemical sector, the most important link of the industrial chain. With its new generation RTLS (Real Time Location System) solutions, Wipelot provides maximum performance in both worker safety and a safe working environment in the petrochemical industry, and provides high added value with advanced technologies that provide personnel management and project management.

Wipelot, which stands out with its advanced technology solutions in the fields of positioning systems, data measurement and analysis and occupational safety, offers services to leading companies in many sectors. Wipelot, which has more than 16 years of experience in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and RTLS (Real Time Location System), aims to accelerate many business processes without compromising efficiency and productivity in the petrochemical industry. Providing services for the main occupational safety needs of the petrochemical industry with Wipelot Lone Worker (Occupational Safety System Working Alone and in Risky Area), Wipelot SDS Social Distance Monitoring and Warning System, Wipelot SafeZone (Collision and Accident Prevention System) and Wipelot OTX (Ambient Tracking System) solutions Wipelot is also among the leading actors of digital transformation in the petrochemical industry.

Safe tracking in risky areas with the Lone Worker System

The need for qualified protection technology is increasing day by day, especially in the petrochemical fields, which are among the most difficult sectors in the world and where occupational safety is vital. Wipelot allows to minimize occupational accidents with the "Lone Worker, Working Alone and in Risky Area", which allows real-time monitoring of the status and location of the worker working alone in areas where dangerous works are carried out, and does not require radio and telephone communication. At the same time, it facilitates instant monitoring of the health and location of personnel working in risky areas such as refinery tanker interior cleaning. It also contributes to minimizing possible accidents by preventing prohibited zone violations with the Geofence alarm.

Practical solutions to complex safety standards

Wireless solutions come into play to prevent the equipment used in the petrochemical industry, which is among the driving forces of the industry and provides input to many sectors, from possible accidents. SafeZone, an approach-collision warning system bearing the signature of Wipelot; It prevents vehicles such as tankers and forklifts from colliding with each other or with employees. At the same time, it provides the control (entry permit) of vehicles such as tankers and transport vehicles entering the facility from outside, and reports the instant location tracking, speed tracking and violation information of these vehicles within the facility. The system, which plays a decisive role in the instant detection of fault tracking in order to prevent problems that may occur in vehicles; It instantly transmits malfunctions that may occur in important units in oil facilities such as the compressor tank and drying tank, which must be monitored instantly. While informing the collar tags carried by the personnel as audible and vibrating warnings, it offers the opportunity to intervene immediately.

All temperature and pressure values ​​are under control

Wipelot; It takes business processes under control with its advanced technology solution for remote monitoring of petrochemical plants and monitoring of data such as temperature and pressure in the environment. When there is a gas leak in the facility or the temperature and pressure changes exceed the determined limits, the system goes into alarm status and informs the relevant people via SMS and e-mail.

Safe social distancing at the click of a button at work sites

It is critical to minimize the risk of contamination of personnel during the epidemic process in the petrochemical sector, which is one of the business lines with a high number of employees. Wipelot, which maintains the minimum social distance between personnel with the Wipelot SDS Social Distance Monitoring and Warning System it has developed at this point, creates contact maps of employees and provides audible and vibrating warnings in case they approach each other outside of safe distances. In addition, instant location, social distance, status and follow-up reports of the personnel working in the area where the monitoring will be performed on the operation site can be obtained with a single click via the cloud-based central software.

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