University Candidates Should Prefer According to the Order of Success?

The selection marathon begins for university candidates
The selection marathon begins for university candidates

YKS 2021 results have been announced. Now the candidates are waiting for the selection marathon. University candidates will be able to make their official choices between August 5 and August 13, 2021. Stating that they do not expect the results so early, the experts underline the importance of choosing in succession order. Experts advise candidates to visit universities.

Üsküdar University Educational Institutions and Guidance Services Manager Uz. Ps. From. Ece Tözeniş made an assessment regarding the announcement of YKS 2021 results.

Stating that the YKS results were announced earlier than expected, Uz. Ps. From. Ece Tözeniş said, “Actually, the calendar was set as August 4, 2021, and it was announced a little earlier. As of July 28, students will now be able to see AYT and TYT results and create their preferences accordingly. But the official selection process will take place between August 5 and August 13.” said.

They can visit universities and get information.

Noting that students can visit universities during the selection process, Uz. Ps. From. Ece Tözeniş said, “The early announcement of the results will provide an advantage to the students. Prospective students can now visit universities as of today, they will have two weekends in front of them instead of one weekend. Thus, at the end of two weeks, those who have time can go to universities and get one-to-one information from professors, preference consultants and students at universities. Students who are out of town can also get information by contacting universities online.” he said.

It is important to choose in order of success

Stating that ÖSYM has not yet announced the rankings, Uz. Ps. From. Ece Tözeniş said, “There is a differentiation in the order of success compared to last year, but this year we will again choose the order of success. The order of success is very important. The scores change every year, but it is much more accurate to choose in order of success. This year, we will look at the success rankings again, and in the data we have, there are already these success sequences in the guide for 2020. We will choose according to the order of success. How will we choose? We have 24 choices. We don't have to fill in all of these 24 choices, but my suggestion to students is half as high as half the success order and half as low as the lower preference. Of course, it is important that they have the departments they want.” he said.

Prospective student must make a list

Ece Tözeniş, who advised university candidates to prepare a list during this period, said, “We have 24 choices. But first, let them make a list and sorting. Then, they can go to universities and meet with academics, preference experts and students, determine the most suitable department and programs for them, and decide by gradually eliminating these lists. Here, it is very important for the student to determine the departments that are suitable for his/her interests and himself.” said.

Special conditions and explanations must be read

Ece Tözeniş, who underlined that the candidate student must read the special conditions and explanations before submitting their choice, said, “These explanations contain information about the preparatory class. They need to learn whether the campus of the department they will be studying is outside the city or in the center of the city. Some departments have certain rules. They have rules about dress, internships. The prospective student needs to evaluate whether all of these are suitable for him. Why are these important? Because if the student does not meet the conditions in the special conditions and explanations, unfortunately, he cannot register even if he is settled. This is a critical point. Therefore, they must read the special conditions and explanations.” warned.

How will the clusters be shaped?

Upset. Ps. From. Ece Tözeniş stated that the results of the agglomerations are expected from ÖSYM at the moment, “ÖSYM announced the results, but did not share the numerical information. We will see after sharing the numerical information. If we evaluate why the difference was caused, there was a subject restriction last year. Candidates were not responsible for the 12th grade subjects, the students were responsible for all the subjects they saw this year for 4 years. It was discussed a lot last year as well.” said.

Tözeniş: “We guide the candidates…”

Tözeniş stated that they informed university candidates about the choice of profession and university in the program "Life is Preference", broadcast on TV100 screens on Saturday and Sunday, and that they are a guide to candidates on every platform. Tözeniş added that as Üsküdar University, they started the preference-promotion days together with their preference consultants, and they are waiting for all candidates who will make a choice to the university.

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