Two Freight Trains Collided in Russia, 2 Dead

Two freight trains collided in Russia
Two freight trains collided in Russia

On the Ulak-Elga line in the Amur region of Russia, 2 freight trains carrying coal collided head-on, moving close to the Verkniy Ulak train station. All coal wagons, including the locomotives, fell on the rails due to the impact of the collision. Rescue teams were directed to the region and work was started to rescue the mechanic and employees.

In the works carried out by the teams, the dead bodies of 2 mechanics were reached, while 2 mechanics were removed alive from the wreckage. While the injured mechanics were being treated at the hospital, their condition was reported to be serious.

The train accident investigation committee said in a statement that the cause of the accident was a mechanical failure, according to preliminary estimates. It was stated that the technical investigations regarding the exact cause of the accident are continuing, and it was announced that railway cranes were sent to the region to remove the overturned wagons and the cleaning works were continuing. While an investigation was initiated regarding the accident, railway transportation in the region was suspended due to the accident. It was stated that after the completion of the works carried out in the region, train services will be restarted.



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