Avenue EV, Turkey's First XNUMX% Domestic Electric Bus, Takes the Road from Samsun

turkey's first hundred percent domestic electric bus left samsun avenue home
turkey's first hundred percent domestic electric bus left samsun avenue home

For the first time in Turkey, a protocol was signed with the cooperation of ASELSAN and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality for the use of Ultra Fast Charging Electric Buses. Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, who attended the signing ceremony, said that Samsun closed an era in urban public transportation with this investment and opened a new era and said, “We are living the best example of visionary municipality. An exemplary work has been signed for the world,” he said.

Developed in cooperation with ASELSAN and TEMSA, the first XNUMX% domestic electric bus of the Turkish automotive industry, Avenue EV, set off from Samsun. The contract signing ceremony for the “Electric Bus and Charging Systems with Ultra Fast Charging Feature”, realized as the Industry Cooperation Project of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, was held at Ömer Halisdemir Hall today. The ceremony signed between Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and ASELSAN was attended by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, AK Party Samsun Deputies Fuat Köktaş, Orhan Kırcalı, ASELSAN Chairman and General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, Governor Assoc. Dr. Zülkif Dağlı, Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir and protocol members attended.


Thanks to the electric buses, in which ASELSAN's high know-how and technology are transferred, a significant contribution will be made to the national economy and Turkey will be a strong player in this field in global markets. Designed locally and developed with an environmental perspective, Avenue EV works with electricity, which is a sustainable energy source, instead of fossil fuel. The buses, which have the new generation ultra-fast charging feature and lithium titanate battery technology, can reach a full charge in 15 minutes. In this way, the bus, which can travel 80 kilometers, provides 24-hour uninterrupted service with short-term charges at stops.


Speaking at the ceremony, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “Today I am living one of the best days of my life. In Samsun, we are proud to realize the projects that are expected. Together with our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, we started the rapid urban transformation in Ilkadım and Canik and its construction continues. Immediately after, we started the transportation master plan studies. Our transportation master plan was approved and gathered under 3 headings. The transportation, parking and parking and bicycle master plan has been approved and we are working in this direction. Our citizens cannot go from industry to Atakum in a place like Samsun earlier than 1 hour. There is constant and serious vehicle traffic. We did a lot of work and we started by making a contract with ASELSAN. It will relieve our main traffic of around 52 percent. Then, with the Western Ring Road and other investments to be made by our Ministry of Transport, traffic will be relieved significantly. When we carry Gülsan, the inner city traffic will breathe," he said.


Emphasizing that the projects have been implemented in a way that will not make future generations work again, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “As the sufficient green space and parking in the urban fabric of Samsun are not left on time, we are currently implementing our projects in a way that does not allow future generations to work on that subject again, whatever the final solution requires. We laid the foundation of our car park together in Havza today. It will meet the district's 50-year park needs. We have ongoing parking lot constructions in the center and in the districts. There will be 4 more to come. As a result of the consultations we carried out within the scope of our works at the public transportation point, we decided to implement ultra-fast charging electric buses in our city.


“Electric buses are an improvable and sustainable public transport vehicle with a future. We saw that when we get the yield, we will spread it all over Samsun. In urbanism, we have an effort to catch what is needed and what the service to be given to the city is, not 'I did it and it is' at the maximum level. We have also strengthened our staff in this regard. We are going with this vision. We work in maximum harmony with all our organizations and our team. Thank you very much, Mr. Minister, for the support you have given us in all matters. I am looking forward to transporting passengers by using these electric buses myself. Good luck to our city."


Stating that the best examples of visionary municipality are experienced in Samsun and that the city has signed exemplary works to the world, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank said, “Our Samsun program, which started in the morning, continues at full speed. First, we participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of the Mechanical Parking Lot Construction in our district of Havza. I am really impressed. Realizing a technological project that will solve the problem of vehicle traffic in a congested district like Basin is an example of visionary municipality. In this sense, I congratulate our president. Then we visited Havza Industrial Zone, which adds value to Samsun industry. We talked to our companies there. We have seen new constructions," he said, adding, "We are also expanding the Havza OSB. Because investment and investor demand is quite high. Valuable projects realized in Samsun, the production base of the Black Sea, continue to make us smile. A magnificent project called Ambarköy has been realized in Ladik. In fact, a part of the project belongs to our ministry. If you haven't been to Ladik and haven't seen it, you should definitely see it. We came to the center of Samsun. We entered the ceremony area using our bus. It is an extremely important project,” he said.


Stating that a new era has started in public transportation, Minister Varank said: "The Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which will implement the new, environmentally friendly, electric bus project, will close a new era in urban public transportation and open a new one with this investment. When the works are completed, the people of Samsun will have electric buses with ultra-fast charging capability. I wish this important project to be beneficial for Samsun and our country in advance. Our President, Mustafa, has taken an important initiative on behalf of domestic and national production. There is no mistake in testing. Instead of saying "Pear Pie" in my mouth, he rolled up his sleeves and activated the sector. It set an example for Turkey. Our President cooperated with ASELSAN, one of the world's leading defense industry companies, and TEMSA, one of the deep-rooted organizations of our country, and I believe that both he and the people of Samsun will be proud at the end of this process. Of course, with this work, our citizens of Samsun will have a quality, environmentally friendly, noiseless and modern service.”

When the project is completed, the entire bus fleet of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality will consist of electric vehicles. Stating that this is the ultimate goal, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “This is of course our final goal. Our 10 electric buses will start to serve in Taflan, Airport and Soğuksu regions. It has high technology that can be fully charged in 15 minutes. To summarize in one sentence, our citizens from Samsun will have the latest model electric buses with domestic, national and modern lines in the coming period," he concluded by saying:


“With the project, our municipality will have achieved significant savings in fossil fuel and maintenance and repair costs. Our environmentally friendly vehicles will prevent 200 thousand kilograms of carbon emissions. Our Metropolitan Municipality has stepped into a truly visionary business. It is currently installing a 40 megawatt solar power plant. 40 will come. Here, you will reach zero carbon when you serve in your city with vehicles managed by electricity to be obtained from solar energy. Many countries in Europe are thinking about how we can achieve this. While they are thinking, here we see the example of visionary municipality in Samsun. Congratulations to our president and his team. Again, I wish the people of Samsun good luck.”

After the speeches, ASELSAN Chairman and General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir signed the protocol.

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