Toyota Goes Beyond Automobiles in Zero Emissions

Toyota goes beyond cars in zero emissions
Toyota goes beyond cars in zero emissions

📩 14/07/2021 15:42

Toyota continues to go beyond automobiles in zero emission technology with its carbon neutral target. Toyota and Portuguese bus manufacturer CaetanoBus announced as joint brands the battery-electric city bus e.City Gold and the fuel-cell electric bus H2.City Gold.

Since 2019, Toyota's fuel cell technology, including hydrogen tanks and other equipment, has been integrated into hydrogen city buses manufactured by CaetanoBus.

In December 2020, Toyota Caetano Portugal (TCAP) became a direct shareholder of CaetanoBus to accelerate the development and sales of zero-emission busses.

Last year, the Portuguese bus manufacturer strengthened its international presence by offering its zero-emission buses for sale in Europe. This growth reflects the growing recognition of CaetanoBus' engineering capabilities and advanced technology in the highly competitive European bus market.

“Toyota” and “Caetano” logos began to appear on the vehicles with the joint brand strategy. In this way, Toyota will also benefit from its strong recognition by European users.

Representing the first step in the co-brand strategy, H2.City Gold uses CaetanoBus' hydrogen-powered electric bus and Toyota's fuel cell system. The bus, which has a range of 400 kilometers, can be refueled in less than 9 minutes. This tool showcases the complementary technologies and engineering capabilities of both companies. In addition to H2.City Gold, there is also 100 percent electric e.City Gold.

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