TCDD Renews Çiğli Halkapınar Suburban Line

tcdd is renewing the cigli Halkapinar suburb line
tcdd is renewing the cigli Halkapinar suburb line

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (UAB) Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) started renovation works on the Çiğli-Halkapınar suburban line to provide comfortable and fast public transportation service to the people of İzmir. During the works, train services will continue to serve at their normal schedule. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, which continues its highway and railway investments in every region of Turkey, continues its investments in city centers in public transportation.

TCDD is renewing the Çiğli-Halkapinar section of the suburban line, which provides public transportation service to Izmir, for a safe and comfortable transportation. Work continues on the replacement of rail, sleeper and connection equipment, which are road superstructure elements with reduced technical life in the suburban line, which has been serving the people of Izmir for many years.

In order to complete the work on the approximately 15-kilometer line in a short time, the rails and sleepers on the existing lines are quickly dismantled and replaced with new ones, saving time with the rapid road renewal machine. During the renovation works, in which 70 personnel will take part, approximately 300 meters of road renewal is carried out per day. The new road will serve for at least 20 years without replacement.

358 trips are made, including mainline, regional and suburban trains, and 318 passengers and 60 million tons of cargo are transported per day. In order to avoid disruption of transportation, the works are carried out between the dates of 5 July-15 September between 23.00-06.00. Uninterrupted passenger transportation continues on the TCDD suburban line.

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