KARGU, STM's Kamikaze UAV, Has Been Exported to Multiple Countries

stm's kamikaze cargo cargo was exported to more than one country
stm's kamikaze cargo cargo was exported to more than one country

Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. It was announced that negotiations were carried out with 3 countries for the export of the KARGU Autonomous Rotary Wing Striker UAV developed and produced by (STM). High-level talks in Turkey's friendly and brotherly countries matured and a success was achieved in the export of autonomous drone systems.

In the export statement made by STM: “Export success from KARGU, our Portable Rotary Wing Striker UAV System, which is effectively used by the Turkish Armed Forces! KARGU, which we have developed with our National Engineering principles, is in Turkey and in different geographies.” expressions were included.

After the performance on the field during the use of the TAF, there was a great interest for KARGU, especially in the international arena. KARGU, which participated in tests and trials in different countries for export markets, was appreciated for its performance. The Kamikaze drone was tested in tropical, desert and tundra climate conditions in this process and revealed that it can successfully operate.

All versions of KARGU offered to TAF are tested and produced in accordance with quality standards. In addition, the returns from the field and the gains obtained in the production process are also used to create a more effective KARGU.

KARGU spotted in Libya

Kamikaze drone KARGU was imaged on the axis of Ayn Zara south of Tripoli in Libya on May 27, 2020. On social media, it was claimed by various pro-Haftar accounts that a Drone/UAV taking off from Mitiga Air Base was shot down. However, as a result of Defense Turk's first examination of the allegedly dropped platform images, it was evaluated that the platform might not have fallen, and that the photographed parts might be a sign of post-hit remains.

KARGU was also seen in Azerbaijan

Between September 27 and November 10, 2020, Azerbaijan fought the Homeland War to liberate its lands occupied by Armenia. While the battle was going on, an image was shared with many KARGUs from Azerbaijan. At least 27 KARGU Kamikaze UAVs were seen in the shared images. The displayed numbers revealed the possibility that KARGU-2s might be in operational use in droves. ICTİMAİ TV, broadcasting in Azerbaijan, shares the narratives of the soldiers who participated in the Homeland War in a program called Döyüşçü. While the photographs taken during the Homeland War were projected onto the screen during the speech of Azerbaijani soldier Babek Hacılı, who participated in the program, the local kamikaze UAV KARGU developed by STM was displayed on the screen. Thus, a more reliable image was shared about the active use of the systems displayed in Azerbaijan in Azerbaijan.

It is not known by which force KARGU was used in Libya. However, considering the use of the Azerbaijani army, it can be interpreted that the exports announced by STM consist of countries whose names are not mentioned here.

KARGU herd will be operational for 1-1,5 years

The first applications for the use of KARGU in herd, which can easily work alone with its highly developed computer vision possibilities, were also carried out last year. More than 20 KARGU platforms have been made to work in herd with the works carried out.

Studies on this subject continue, especially for the improvement of swarm algorithms and the execution of different tasks. The KERKES project continues in order for the drone swarm to function smoothly in any environment. After the conclusion of this project, KARGU Kamikaze Drones, which have fully gained the swarming capability in approximately 1-1,5 years, will be put into use by the TAF.

KARGU will be integrated into different platforms

Studies are also being carried out on the integration of KARGU to different platforms. KARGU, which has been used by TAF and gendarmerie units until now, will be able to work with various platforms, especially naval platforms in the coming period.

Source: defenceturk

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