Shock Development in Mersin Metro Project

solid development in mersin metro project
solid development in mersin metro project

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality's statement that it will go to the 'Consultancy Service Procurement' tender for 'Preparation of the Transportation Master Plan', "What will happen to the Metro project, which was put out to tender with the current plan?" It brought the question to mind!

There was a shocking development in the metro project, which was the prestige project of Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer, but could not go beyond a tender for 2,5 years. The Metropolitan Municipality's bid for the 'Consultancy Service Procurement' on 3 August 2021, for the purpose of 'Preparing the Transportation Master Plan', caused question marks. Developments, "What will happen to the Metro project, which was put out to tender with the current plan?" It brought the question to mind!


Researcher and writer Abdullah Ayan, about the Consultancy Service Procurement tender of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, “Well, according to which main plan was the metro project that was expected to start prepared? If there is a master plan, what is this tender? What will happen to the metro project if there is no master plan or if it will be revised?” It started a new discussion by raising questions.

Ayan continued his criticisms as follows; “Various projects have been completed, tenders are being prepared for new ones. If the transportation master plan is deemed necessary and put out to tender, it means that the master plans that will meet the need until 2030 do not meet the need. In this case, shouldn't the metro, bicycle paths, crossings and all kinds of transportation investments be re-designed and implemented after this master plan is completed and discussed with the city dynamics?

The metro tender, which is ongoing today, was adopted according to the 2018 Transportation Master Plan and the whole process was operated accordingly. Now what if a different dynamic emerges in the new Transport Master Plan, for example, for bike lanes or the Metro? A city does not prepare a Transportation Master Plan 8 times in 3 years. Three presidents, three master plans, is this city a jigsaw puzzle?”.


Dillingham Constructıon Int+Kiska-Kom İnş. ve Tic. Inc. The Joint Venture offered the lowest bid of 28 billion 2021 million 3 thousand liras.

The Metro project left some question marks in the minds. Researcher-Author Abdullah Ayan pointed out that Mersin Metropolitan Municipality was insistent on doing the job, while the uncertainty regarding the condition of the firm that received the tender to find a loan to finance the project and whether the treasury would approve the loan to be found. Reminding that the foreign loan will be made in foreign currency even though the tender is made in TL, Ayan said, “How the financing part of the project will be resolved is still unknown. Currently, there are no wagons and towing vehicles in the tender. It seems that such a serious business is heading towards an unknown process with the financial crisis in an environment where foreign exchange rates are high.”

Source: Gift EROĞLU / Mersinhaberci

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