Software Based Radio Export from ASELSAN

software-based radio export from aselsan
software-based radio export from aselsan

A sales contract of USD 13.3 million was signed between ASELSAN and an international customer for the export of software-based radios.

In the notification made by ASELSAN to the Public Disclosure Platform (PDP) on July 2, 2021, it was announced that a contract with a value of USD 13.319.359 was signed. The contract in question was signed between ASELSAN and an international customer, and deliveries are planned between 2021-2022.

In the notification made to PDP by ASELSAN,“Between ASELSAN and an international customer; Regarding the export of software-based radios, an international sales contract with a total value of 13.319.359,- US Dollars was signed. Within the scope of the said contract, deliveries will be made in 2021-2022.”expressions were included.

Software Based HF Radio Family

ASELSAN HF Radio Family offers reliable and safe communication in the 1.6-30 MHz band on Land, Sea and Air Platforms by using Software Based Radio technology infrastructure. Over-the-horizon voice and data communication is provided by using the most advanced HF technologies with up-to-date NATO STANAGs and Military Standards. With its high operating power and software-based architecture, new features can be easily added to radios. With its built-in digital crypto module, HF radios offer secure communication to their users. The internal modem offers digital communication speed options that can be used in different HF channel conditions from 75 bps to 12800bps.

In 2019, ASELSAN continued to deliver and install contracts for the dissemination of land platform HF radios. Deliveries within the scope of the 5kW and 10kW HF Transmitter System Contract were made for the use of the Naval Forces Command. At the same time, installation and integration activities of Naval Platform HF Radios of various powers (150W, 400W, 1000W) on Naval Forces and Coast Guard Command platforms continued.

Within the scope of the contract for the supply of Software-Based HF Radios with Saudi Arabia, Aselsan continues with user training and installation of the delivered radios. Deliveries within the scope of the contract signed for the supply of HF Radio for the Azerbaijan Armed Forces were carried out in 2019.

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