Electric Scooter Era Has Started in Sivas

sivasta electric scooter era has begun
sivasta electric scooter era has begun

Electric scooters, the use of which spread rapidly all over the world, were offered to the people of Sivas. Mayor Hilmi Bilgin announced the introduction of scooters by competing with young people.

Sivas Municipality has offered the Scooter, which provides environment-friendly and safe transportation in short-distance transportation, and which is also locally and nationally made, to the service of Sivas residents. Within the scope of the project, scooters were placed on walking and cycling paths, especially in picnic and recreation areas.

Mayor Hilmi Bilgin did not turn down the "Let's Do Sports Together" offer made by young people on social media.

Competing with the young people on the walking and cycling path on Necmettin Erbakan Boulevard, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin put the scooter plan into action when he could not catch up with the young people in the running. President Bilgin, who got on a scooter to catch up with the youth, reached the finish line with the youth.

While President Bilgin's race with the youth created colorful images, the reporter's question "Who won the race"; President Bilgin replied, "Sivas was the winner."



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