Scope of Public Procurement Law

Public Procurement Administrative Jurisdiction
Public Procurement Administrative Jurisdiction

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No. 4734 Public procurement law Regulations are made regarding the tenders to be opened in case of public needs. When public tenders are to be made, it is generally necessary to carry out the open tender procedure, while different conditions must be created in the use of other methods. public tender scope of law When it comes to the issue, it is necessary to mention the disputes that may arise in the procurement of goods and services in the public sphere and in construction works.

While the needs in public tenders vary in today's changing conditions, it may be necessary to improve the laws and regulations in order to solve the problems. While the changes and arrangements made are expected to be in the direction of eliminating the uncertainty, they should also respond to the needs.

While public tenders are regulated within the framework of the procurement law, the parties are obliged to comply with these rules. While tenders can be held in various ways, these include the open procedure, the bargaining procedure and the tender procedure between certain bidders.

It is essential to use resources effectively and efficiently while making public tenders. Due to the limited public resources, this issue is taken into account. It is obligatory to make the tenders in accordance with the principles of legality and legality. Firms participating in the tender are the parties that have to fulfill the tender conditions. Public interest is taken into consideration in tenders.

What is Open Tender Procedure from Public Procurement Law Procedures?

In order to meet the needs encountered in the public sphere, some procedures are used in the tenders opened by the administration. While there are some questions about the open tender procedure, which is among these, public tender from the methods What is the open tender procedure? The question is also encountered.

It is essential that public tenders are announced and given. Procurement is made in the open tender procedure, which is included in the basic principles of the law and can be attended by anyone who has the qualifications. In case of some special circumstances, it can be applied outside of this procedure.

In this case, while exceptions are in question, special conditions that determine the conditions must arise. Apart from this, the tenders are made by the open tender method. In cases where the tenders are made in accordance with the principles of transparency, equality and competition, the open tender method is preferred. In this case, anyone who has the qualification to participate can participate in the tender.

What Does the Public Procurement Law Do?

In case of doubt in the tenders held by the administration, it is necessary to protect the rights of the public. While the kings of law are needed in order to eliminate the abuses that may occur during the tender, there is a right to complain in this case. What does public procurement law do? When it is said, it can be answered that it is the legal remedy used to eliminate the doubts that will arise regarding the tenders.

While the complaints are made to the administration, the public procurement agency steps in when the complaint is necessary. If the desired results are not achieved, the legal process is initiated. While the administrative court is the authority to apply, a lawsuit can be filed by submitting a petition here.

Legal rules are the legal remedy to be resorted to in disputes that may arise between individuals or institutions. The rules of law are applied in the regulation of social life and in the settlement of disputes that may occur in relations between people. tender law While it is possible to protect public rights, it is also possible to remove any doubts that may arise.



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