Response from BTS to the Privatization of TCDD Akçay Facilities

reaction from bts to privatization of tcdd akcay facilities
reaction from bts to privatization of tcdd akcay facilities

Stating that TCDD's Akçay facilities are among the facilities to be privatized with the presidential decision, BTS Secretary General İsmail Özdemir said, “Taking this facility from the employees is not humane and legal. We will continue our legal and de facto struggle for Akçay facilities.”

While criticism continues for the non-compliance with the artificial beach sand and savings circular of the campus known as the “Summer Palace”, which was built by spending 640 million liras from the Presidency's budget in Okluk Bay, Marmaris district of Muğla; Hundreds of acres of land and thousands of square meters of closed area of ​​public institutions, including TCDD Akçay Training and Recreation Camp, most of the seaside training camps and social facilities in the most beautiful corners of Turkey were transferred to the Privatization Administration to be sold with the President's Decision No. 4264.

The camps and facilities included in the scope of privatization can be sold or rented by the PA, and construction can be made in return for a transfer of operation or a flat/land.

The following statements are included in the Presidential Decision No. 4264, published with the signature of President and AKP Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The immovables in the attached list and the structures (assets) on them; To be included in the privatization scope and program to be evaluated by the Privatization Administration, By applying one or more of the methods of sale, leasing, granting the operating right of the assets, establishment of the property in kind, income ownership model and other legal savings appropriate to the requirements of the business or construction in return for flat/land. It has been decided that the privatization process will be completed by 31 December 2025.

The seaside part of TCDD's Education and Recreation Camp in Edremit Akçay was sold as a result of the tender held by the ÖİB on 05.10.2010. TCDD Training and Recreation Camp remained a landless facility with a pool.

The TCDD Balıkesir Akçay real estate, which was decided to be sold by the Presidency's Decision No. 4264, is a facility where railroaders camp and vacation in the summer and receive in-service training in the winters after hard work.

The immovables within the body of public institutions were created to be used in the original activities of the institution and in the educational and social needs of the employees of the institution; The inclusion of these immovables within the scope of privatization constitutes a violation of the mandatory provisions of the 2nd and 5th articles of the Turkish Constitution regarding the protection of the social and economic rights of the employees, especially the social state of law. Against this privatization decree, our union will take the matter to the judiciary along with its methods of struggle.

The privatization of TCDD Fenerbahçe Education and Recreation Facilities was stopped due to the struggle of our union and taking the matter to the judiciary.

We will make every effort to ensure that the Akçay Camp is not taken away after the training and recreation facilities that TCDD worker railroaders lost in Samsun, Sapanca and Menekşe. Our union will initiate the necessary legal struggle against the Presidential decree numbered 4264 and we believe that the judiciary will say stop to this unlawfulness.

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