prof. Dr. Project to Prevent Diabetes with Breast Milk from Durusoy

project to prevent diabetes with breast milk from prof dr dursoy
project to prevent diabetes with breast milk from prof dr dursoy

Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Department of Public Health faculty member Prof. Dr. Raika Durusoy, "Providing breast milk sugar as a food supplement to children with insulin-dependent diabetes and evaluating these children in terms of diabetes control, immune system and intestinal microbiota", TÜBİTAK "1001-Scientific and Technological Research Projects Support Program" entitled to support.

Ege University Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak, project coordinator Prof. Dr. He hosted Raika Durusoy in his office and wished him success in his work.

Giving information about the details of the research, Prof. Dr. Raika Durusoy, “There are sugars called oligosaccharides in breast milk that are not absorbed from the intestines and have a probiotic effect. In a study published in an important scientific journal called Nature, when experimental animals that are prone to diabetes are given these breast milk sugars, they are less susceptible to diabetes, inflammation in the pancreas, the organ that secretes the insulin hormone, decreases, and these effects are associated with changes in the bacteria (microbiota) living in the intestines of experimental animals. was found to be. Our research team, impressed by this article and seeing that it has not yet been applied in humans, has designed a similar study in humans for the first time.”

They will start monitoring by giving breast milk sugar to patients

prof. Dr. Raika Durusoy said, “Children who have just been diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and are being followed up in the Ege University Pediatric Endocrine and Diabetes Department, who volunteer for this study with their families, will be given a breast milk sugar as a food supplement, and these children will be given a nutritional supplement in terms of diabetes control, immune system and intestinal microbiota. It will be evaluated whether it is useful or not.

Experts from many different disciplines (public health, dietetics, pediatric endocrine, immunology, biochemistry) and three different universities (Ege University, Osmangazi University, Acıbadem University) will work in the project.

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