OPET Makes a Difference with Its Renewed Mobile Application

opet makes a difference with its renewed mobile application
opet makes a difference with its renewed mobile application

OPET, the most popular and most technological brand of the fuel distribution industry, renewed its mobile application. In addition to the 'Digital Wallet', which is a first in the sector, in the 'New OPET Mobile Application', 'QR Code' and 'Plate Points' KazanAdded 'dirma' services.

OPET, which listens to the voice of its customers and focuses on finding solutions to their expectations while developing its products and services, continues to lead the transformation in the sector with its new generation applications. Focusing on rapidly responding to changing consumer needs in line with its goal of superior customer experience, OPET has completely renewed its mobile application, OPET Mobile Application. In the OPET Mobile Application, the screen of which has completely changed; Score to Plate as well as QR Code Creation function with Digital Wallet Kazanclimbing service was included.

Stating that innovation and digital transformation are one of the building blocks of corporate culture, OPET Marketing Assistant General Manager Murat Zengin said, “We are the leading company that uses technology best in the fuel sector in Turkey. We make a difference in the sector with many technological services. Reaching our customers with technology-leading applications and more personalized services lies at the heart of our digital transformation approach. With the completely renewed OPET Mobile Application, we will continue to offer our innovative products and services and make our customers' lives easier.”


With the "Digital Wallet", which was implemented as a result of the need for contactless payment to come to the fore during the pandemic process, OPET customers have the opportunity to make contactless payments with their cards registered to Masterpass through the OPET Mobile application, in addition to the payment service in the vehicle, for fuel and grocery shopping while in the market. OPET Customers first register their payment cards through the Masterpass infrastructure and update their payment settings under the OPET Mobile Application Digital Wallet tab. With the Digital Wallet, customers are offered the opportunity to make payments with cards defined in the digital wallet, after they introduce themselves with QR codes, mobile phones or loyalty cards and share their points information for grocery or fuel purchases.


Within the scope of the renewed OPET Mobile Application, the "Promoting with QR" function was added as a new promotion channel for customers who benefit from special offers by making promotional transactions with their mobile phones and loyalty cards. By pressing the QR Code button in the Mobile Application, OPET customers can introduce their own QR code, which is valid for 45 seconds, by scanning the devices in the market. After this process, you can earn points by paying with cash, credit card or digital wallet. kazanIt can be consumed or spent.

Another service offered within the scope of OPET Mobile Application, “Score to Plate” Kazan“Dırma” service is an alternative promotion method for customers who do not perform any promotion process after fuel shopping. With this function, after fuel purchases with the license plate registered in the Score to Plate function on the Mobile Application, "Points to Plate" can be obtained from the mobile application without leaving the station. KazanBy pressing the ” button, after the location, the fuel purchase of the plate and the information consistent with the station to which the location is sent are checked, the deserved score is loaded within 20 minutes.

In addition to these features, the new Opet Mobile Application also includes many other sections such as the Smart Campaign System section where special offers are offered to consumers, the Stations section where the closest OPET station is located according to traffic information and can be filtered according to the desired service content.


One of the new features of the Opet Mobile Application, "Plakaya Points", is also kazanyelling. OPET customers, who report their fuel purchases using the score on the plate feature, receive fuel points. kazanhe's eating. In the campaign, which will be valid for 31 fuel payments of 3 TL or more at once, which are reported using the points to plate feature in the Opet Mobile Application until July 200, 5 TL for the first fuel purchases, 7,5 TL for the second fuel purchases, 10 TL for the third fuel purchases, a total of 22,5, XNUMX TL fuel points kazanit's warm. Fuel points will be loaded on the mobile phone numbers logged into the Opet Mobile Application and on the cards that match the mobile phones.

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