Opel Will Be All-Electric, Enter the Chinese Market, and Launch the Manta-e

opel will enter the all-electric gin market and introduce the manta thing to the market
opel will enter the all-electric gin market and introduce the manta thing to the market

Long-established German brand Opel is taking the next step in its comprehensive electrification strategy. Accordingly, Opel will not only expand its electrified model portfolio, but will also focus on all-battery electric vehicles in Europe from 2028. Opel aims to enter China, which is also the world's largest automobile market, as an all-electric brand. The legendary Opel Manta will return as an electric car.

German automotive giant Opel's electric vehicle strategy was announced as part of the Stellantis 2021 Electric Vehicle Day. Accordingly, as Opel takes the next step in its electrification strategy, it will present nine electrified models primarily in European markets in 2021. In addition, it is aimed that all Opel models will have electric versions by 2024. By 2028, only the brand's electric cars will be available in Europe, which is the main market for Opel.

At the Stellantis 2021 Electric Vehicle Day event, Opel's work and goals in this area were also shared. According to the statements made at the event, Opel, which sees the future of the automotive industry in electric vehicles, is also working with the goal of zero emissions by melting its technology in the same pot with its environmentalist identity. Keeping this vision at the forefront of its goal of becoming a global brand, Opel plans to take its place in China, the world's largest automotive market, as an all-electric brand and grow profitably.

Mass production will begin for the new Manta

Opel; After the exciting positive feedback he received for the Manta GSe ElektroMOD, his neo-classical car, which he interpreted according to the requirements of the era, he decided to revive the legendary Manta model. A true icon for Opel's brand history and an inspiration for the brand's future, the Opel Manta will be mass-produced “all-electric” in the next 10 years. Opel is in the middle of a comprehensive electrification move. The brand will have just launched nine electrified models this year, and all of Opel's models will have electrified versions by 2024.

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