National Swimmer Hüseyin Emre Sakcı Olympic Passenger

national swimmer huseyin emre sakci olympic passenger
national swimmer huseyin emre sakci olympic passenger

Emre Sakcı, our record holder national swimmer who will represent our country at the Tokyo Olympics, awarded our country the first medal in this field. kazanHe sets out with the goal of climbing. Our national pride Sakcı, who recently signed a 4-year sponsorship agreement with Abdi İbrahim, will compete for the Olympic medal on July 24-25-26.

National swimmer Emre Sakcı, who has achieved Turkey's most important swimming success so far, started swimming at the age of three. The young athlete, who was selected to the National Team at the age of 15, has achieved many records in national and international competitions throughout his career. Emre Sakcı, a licensed athlete of Fenerbahçe Sports Club, is on his way to Japan with the Olympic National Team to represent our country in the 100-meter breaststroke category at the Tokyo Olympics.

Emre Sakcı, who signed a 4-year sponsorship agreement with Abdi İbrahim at the beginning of this year, mentioned the importance of sponsorships in order to achieve success in the field of sports, and said:

“I do not see Abdi İbrahim's sponsorship support as just a financial motivation. I would like to thank them for making me feel many meaningful values ​​that have a place in the Olympic spirit and especially for supporting an athlete like me who aims for success in the international arena. The 4 years of support gave me great confidence and motivation as well as a sense of responsibility. Now my only goal is to do the best for my country in all competitions, especially the Tokyo Olympics, with the support of the opportunities my main sponsor Abdi İbrahim has given me.”

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