National Rail Systems Test and Research Center (URAYSİM)

national rail systems test and research center
national rail systems test and research center

With the realization of URAYSİM, the rail systems to be produced in the field of railway transportation, the testing and certification of towed and towed vehicles at international standards will be carried out. In addition, the project will lead the rail system sector in training human resources for research and innovation and developing high-tech infrastructure. With the project, which has started to be implemented, the certification required to maintain the quality and reliability levels of the rail systems vehicles produced by the railway industry of our country and surrounding countries will be provided. With this aspect, the project will increase the international competitiveness of our country's railway industry and create export opportunities and create an important employment opportunity in this field.

In 2010, our university completed the long-running feasibility studies and submitted a project to the State Planning Organization for the establishment of the National Rail Systems Test and Research Center (URAYSİM), which is the most important project recently implemented in terms of railway transportation in our country. URAYSİM was included in the 2012 investment program with the project number 2011K120210. Studies carried out for the realization of the URAYSİM project Under the responsibility of Anadolu University, studies are carried out in cooperation with Eskişehir Technical University, TÜBİTAK, TCDD and TÜRASAŞ.

Within the scope of URAYSİM, 23 research assistants from all engineering science fields, especially Mechanical Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, who will take part in the operation of the center, were provided with the opportunity to carry out their master's and doctorate studies abroad in the field of "Rail Systems". In line with these initiatives, the highly qualified and trained human resources required by URAYSİM are ready. Within the scope of URAYSİM, the construction of central administrative units, static and dynamic test laboratories, education and social areas has been completed and all units are ready for use. In this respect, URAYSİM is not only a test area and laboratory alone, but also has the feature of being a versatile facility that adds value to its region and its people and includes many units.

URAYSİM was included in the investment programs of the Ministry of Development in January 2012, and a protocol was signed in June 2012 for the test road construction works of the project to be carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments. The project was included in the 2021 Presidential Investment Program. A 700-decare land for R&D buildings, administrative units, social facilities and test units hangars has been transferred to URAYSİM by Alpu Municipality, and the construction of these units has been completed and is ready for use. In this respect, URAYSİM is not only a test area and laboratory alone, but also has the feature of being a versatile facility that adds value to its region and its people and includes many units. Written opinions were obtained from 26 public institutions and organizations and municipalities for the test roads route planned to be built within the borders of Alpu district.

When URAYSİM is completed, our country will be the first country in Europe to have a 400 km long test track where High Speed ​​​​Train tests can be carried out at 52,93 km/h. In addition, the project is a 180 km long test track where conventional diesel and electric locomotives can be tested at speeds up to 23 km / h, and metro vehicles with a speed of up to 100 km / h and tram vehicles of 80 km and 8 km, where tests can be carried out. It will be an important first in this field by having test roads. When the overseas purchases of the rail system vehicles needed in our country in the short term and the maintenance costs in the usage processes are evaluated together, the URAYSİM project will provide very important economic gains for our country in the future, and a large foreign exchange resource that can go abroad will remain in the country.

With the completion of URAYSİM test units, test buildings and test roads, testing and certification of rail systems towing and towing vehicles at international standards will be possible, which will be designed and produced at the national level, in particular meeting the needs of TÜRASAŞ in our country. In this way, both production and testing and certification processes will take place in our country. The URAYSİM project will be an R&D base in the railway field in our country, and thus, it will increase the production of domestic, innovative products and national brands and enable our country to be in a more competitive position in the international railway industry market. URAYSİM will also contribute greatly to the training of personnel and researchers equipped with the knowledge and experience required by the age in the field of railway transportation, with the cooperation to be established with universities in education, training and research.

For detailed information about URAYSİM booklet here can be downloaded by clicking.

Benefits of URAYSİM

  • Test and Certification: It will have an international say in this field by internationally certifying the towing and towed rail system vehicles.
  • Design: It will introduce new product and accordingly reduce life cycle costs.
  • Technology Transfer: It will bring technologies that are already outside our country to our country.
  • Localization: It will produce with domestic means.
  • Innovation: Low-cost, reliable, higher-capacity rail system vehicles and components will be developed.
  • Improvement: Product quality and reliability will be improved.
  • Specialization: Production will be divided into components of rail vehicles and in-depth research will be carried out in different areas.
  • Standards Development: Due to limited standardization, international certification will have a say.
  • Competition: A more competitive position will be achieved in the sector by reducing production costs.
  • Efficiency Increase: Low efficiency levels and causes will be determined in transportation, and efficiency will be increased with new solutions.
  • Incentive: Studies on the attractiveness of railway services will be carried out and investments to be made in this field will be encouraged.
  • New Markets: Expanding market opportunities will be researched.
  • Industry Leadership: Leading the way for collaboration in the Rail Industry.
  • Sub-Industry Development: With the rail systems clustering, employment and production opportunities will be created in a wide area in the sector.
  • Human Resources: Design, production and improvement etc. Necessary staff training will be provided.

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