Mercedes-Benz Maintains Its Leadership in the Turkish Intercity Bus Market

mercedes benz turk maintained its leadership in the intercity bus market in the first month
mercedes benz turk maintained its leadership in the intercity bus market in the first month

📩 16/07/2021 13:47

Mercedes-Benz Türk, which started its activities in Turkey in 1967, made a quick start to 2020 after 2021, which passed with the effect of the pandemic. Evaluating the bus industry between January and June 2021, Mercedes-Benz Türk sold a total of 2021 buses, 6 intercity buses and 107 city buses, to the Turkish domestic market in the first 22 months of 129. During this period, Mercedes-Benz Türk produced 708 intercity buses and produced 165 city buses, reaching a total production volume of 873 units. While 74 percent of the buses produced were exported, the total bus exports between January-June 2021 reached 645 units. In the light of these data, 2 out of every 1 buses produced in Turkey leaves the Mercedes-Benz Türk factory, while 4 out of every 3 buses exported bear the signature of Mercedes-Benz Türk.

Carrying out its reliable 2nd hand activities with BusStore, Mercedes-Benz Türk also organized campaigns in the field of after-sales services in line with the demands of its customers in this period. Personal lending opportunities continued in the first 6 months of the year with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

Osman Nuri Aksoy, Mercedes-Benz Turk Bus Marketing and Sales Director“Despite the shrinking domestic and export markets due to the pandemic, we have successfully completed 2020. Many of our departments, such as BusStore, after-sales services, financial services, production, R&D, and dealer management, are working day and night to see how we can serve the industry better and what we can do in cooperation with each other. As a result of these efforts, as Mercedes-Benz Türk, we continued our leadership in the intercity bus market in the first 2021 months of 6. We also fully believe that Turkey's bus market can reach much higher levels. Within the automotive sector in our country, we plan to continue our uninterrupted contributions to our economy thanks to our bus production and exports.” said.

2021 started with 41 innovations

Mercedes-Benz Turk; In the light of feedback from passengers, hosts/hostesses, captains, businesses and customers, it started to offer 2021 different innovations in bus models for 41. The brand, which started to offer innovations in 3 main titles such as safety, comfort and economical driving, also guarantees healthier journeys with its new equipment developed against the Covid-19 pandemic.

New gear against the COVID-19 pandemic: New antiviral effective high-performance particulate filters are offered as standard in all Mercedes-Benz intercity buses produced as of February 2021, while the new air conditioning system is offered as an option. Thanks to the new air conditioning system, the air inside the buses can be changed completely every two minutes. Thanks to these equipment, which can be added to existing buses in addition to new bus orders, safer and more peaceful journeys can be made. The new equipment was developed as a result of the collaboration of Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere Bus R&D Center with teams in Germany.

New safety standards: Mercedes-Benz, the leading brand that sets the standards in the field of safety, has introduced many innovations in its buses in 2021. Among these equipments, which are offered for the first time and only in Mercedes-Benz intercity buses, are Side Guard Assist, Attention Assist, Turning light and Stop & Go (Stop & Go); Parking Sensor/Assistant and Hill Start Assist have also been added to buses as of 2021.

New comfort standards: Offering more comfort equipment not only for the passengers but also for everyone in the bus, Mercedes-Benz Türk broke new ground in the bus industry by offering USB units as standard in all passenger seats. Smartphone, tablet, etc. from these USBs. devices can be charged. Thanks to the fabricated USBs compatible with the electrical infrastructure of the buses, the safety and comfort level of the vehicles increases. The USB ports also provide lighting, providing easy access during night trips. Thanks to the new seat rail system offered for businesses that will prefer a new Mercedes-Benz bus with 2+1 seating arrangement, repositioning of seats becomes easier and it is aimed to prevent value losses. Among the 2021 innovations are dark tinted windows, dark double glazed roof covers and Lounge seats.

New economic driving standards: Mercedes-Benz buses, which set a new standard in the sector with the new economical driving package; It provides fuel savings of up to 4+ percent through the predictive driving system (PPC), automatic body lowering, tire pressure monitoring and the Eco driving assistant. Powershift automatic transmission is also offered as standard in this new economy driving package as of 2021. MB GO 250-8 Powershift works as an 8 forward 1 reverse automatic transmission system. Thanks to the gearbox, which reduces fuel consumption with fast and optimum gear shifts, the clutch pedal is also eliminated. With the new transmission, the driver can concentrate more on the road, as he is relieved of the burden of shifting gears and pressing the clutch, his driving condition improves, and thus more contribution to traffic safety.

Major breakthroughs were made in the city bus market

Increasing its sales in the city bus market as well, Mercedes-Benz Türk gained strength by winning important public tenders in January-June 2021. While the market share of Mercedes-Benz Türk in the public bus market, which was around 2018 percent until 10, was around 2020 percent in 50, this rate is progressing to 2021 percent in January-June 40.

Mercedes-Benz Türk, which won the tender for the purchase of the new bus opened by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in 2021 in May 2021, is preparing to offer a total of 273 CNG buses to the people of Ankara. New Conecto Solo and Conecto Articulated models with CNG fuel feature are produced at Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere Bus Factory, one of the most modern bus factories in the world. 168 Mercedes-Benz Conecto Articulated CNG and 105 Mercedes-Benz Conecto Solo CNG buses suitable for disabled access; In addition to high comfort features such as electronic suspension, fully automatic digital air conditioning, silent and vibration-free engine; It also incorporates safety features such as electronic brake management, fire warning and extinguishing system, and tipping resistance. In addition, all buses; It also has active air conditioning software developed against the COVID-19 epidemic, which ensures that the air inside the vehicle is constantly and completely renewed every two minutes, and active filters with the ability to keep viruses 99,9 percent.

After Sales Services stood by their customers in all conditions

Mercedes-Benz Türk, which is beside its customers 19/2020 in order to ensure the continuity of life in 7, which was completed with unexpected conditions and variable applications due to the Covid-24 pandemic, continues this practice uninterruptedly in 2021 as well. Providing support according to the needs of its customers with its after-sales services in the January-June period of 2021, Mercedes-Benz Türk felt the financial difficulties of its customers and supported its customers with spare parts discounts of up to 35 percent.

2021 percent of the buses sold in 75 were purchased with the service package. The fact that customers want to be able to plan their future expenses at the time of the first sale and that vehicles that have been serviced and repaired at the authorized service are more preferred in second-hand vehicle sales, while increasing these figures; The advantageous prices in the Maintenance, Wear and Extended Warranty packages offered by Mercedes-Benz Türk also showed their effect. In addition, the company introduced the option of selling in installments for cash price, providing payment opportunities for its customers to spread their spending in a more planned and timely manner. In this context, customers; During the periods when they are not operating their vehicles, they can take advantage by using the option to freeze the packages.

Reliable second hand bus sales continued uninterruptedly with BusStore

The BusStore brand of Mercedes-Benz Türk, which continues its second-hand activities in the field of buses, continued its activities in 2 both in the domestic market and in the export markets. BusStore also contributed to the Turkish economy thanks to the exported buses.

BusStore strengthened its position in the city bus market in 2019, which it entered in the last quarter of 2021, and broke new ground in its history by starting to export city buses in the first half of the year. BusStore also supported its customers who bought new city buses by buying their swap vehicles.

Between January-June 2021; BusStore, which bought the second hand buses of companies such as Esadas, Best Van Turizm, Kale Seyahat, Ali Osman Ulusoy and Emiralemli Turizm, sold a total of 2 city buses and 11 intercity buses. The said sales provided an increase of 64% compared to January-June 2020. BusStore also exported 188 city buses in the first 2021 months of 6.

Continuing its one-stop full service approach, BusStore provided its customers with the best possible support, including credit opportunities. BusStore plans to continue to be a reliable business partner in the intercity or city bus market, both on the buying and selling side.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services once again achieved success

2021 out of every 2 Mercedes-Benz branded buses sold between January-June 1, and 3 out of every 2 buses sold at the Bus Store were credited by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (MBFH). While the intercity bus penetration rate of MBFH is 79 percent, the BusStore penetration rate is 81 percent, and MBFH has revised a significant part of its total bus portfolio and once again showed its customers that it is with them in these difficult times.

In addition to the MBFH vehicle loan, the different insurance packages it offers, also protect Mercedes-Benz brand vehicles with Mercedes-Benz automobile insurance.

The sector, which went through many difficult processes such as the negative market conditions brought by the pandemic, turbulent periods in the tourism sector, travel restrictions, raised the customer satisfaction bar during the pandemic period with the new revised plans offered by MBFH.

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