Make Eid Holiday More Comfortable and Safe

make the holiday holiday more comfortable and safe
make the holiday holiday more comfortable and safe

With the holiday that coincides with the summer months, those who want to spend the holiday in different cities go on long journeys with their vehicles. OSRAM, one of the world's leading technology companies, developed with innovative and smart approaches; AirZing Mini is with the drivers on long journeys with the TIRE inflate and BATTERY care family. New technologies, which clean the polluted air in the car and are solutions to exhausted batteries and flat tires, open the door to comfortable and safe journeys.

Developing technological products with the aim of improving the quality of life of people and societies, OSRAM adds comfort and safety to the lives of drivers and passengers with its products during vehicle journeys that increase with the holiday holiday. OSRAM, which meets the end consumer with technologies that increase driving safety and comfort; The LED UV-A air cleaner cleans the air inside the vehicle with AirZing Mini, and it ensures that the vehicle tires are at the right pressure at all times with the compressor family TIRE inflate. OSRAM, which offers a solution with the BATTERYcare family against possible vehicle battery depletion/stopping problems, stands by the drivers so that they can spend their holidays in a smooth and safe manner.

99.9% effective against bacteria and viruses

With the Air Zing Mini, OSRAM is solving the problem of air hygiene, which is the biggest priority of our lives with the pandemic. AirZing Mini, an LED UV-A air purifier that purifies 99.9 percent of germs, bacteria and viruses suspended in the air in vehicles, offers practical use with its magnetic holder and USB cable. After absorbing the air, the AirZing Mini purifies the air by passing it through LEDs emitting UV-A rays and a titanium dioxide filter, and expels purified, ionized air. The filters of the product, which not only removes microorganisms and allergens in the air, but also removes bad odors, can be easily cleaned with water. AirZing Mini, which is economical and does not require filter replacement, operates extremely silently at 25 decibels.

OSRAM offers solutions to different needs with 3 models in the air compressor family

Tire pressure directly affects many vital criteria from vehicle control to braking distance, and with this effect, it becomes a must for a safe journey. OSRAM ensures safe holiday journeys with its TIRE inflate compressor family. The TIRE inflate 200, which has an analog pressure gauge, allows a fully flat tire to be inflated in less than 5 minutes. TIRE inflate 450 with a digital display automatically stops when the tire reaches the correct pressure and stores the adjusted value in its memory for the next use. The model inflates a fully flat tire in approximately 3,5 minutes. The fastest of the family, the TIRE inflate 1000, can inflate a completely flat tire in 2 minutes, and the large digital display with the inflation indicator makes it easy to follow the process. Models with LED bright lights make it easy to inflate your tires even in dark places. It also allows you to easily reach anywhere around the vehicle with its long cable.

Instant and practical solution to battery depletion

Running out of car battery in a different city or during a break can be one of the moments that can turn the journey into a nightmare. OSRAM removes the battery drain problem from being a problem with the BATTERY care family. The OSRAM BATTERY charge smart charging family, which can easily charge any type of battery, including lithium-ion, offers a very practical use. BATTERY charge, which automatically enters maintenance and standby mode as soon as the battery is fully charged, also prevents the battery from being overcharged. OSRAM BATTERY start family, another member of the BATTERY care series, offers a safe, compact and economical solution for easy starting of the vehicle in case of battery discharges.

Eliminates risks

With the OSRAM BATTERY start family, there is no need for a jumper cable or any other tool to start the vehicle whose battery is dead. In addition, as with other methods, the risk of damaging the vehicle's electrical components is eliminated. The models, which can easily fit in the trunk, glove box or door pocket, can easily provide the energy needs of electronic devices as well as charge the batteries. OSRAM BATTERY start series also has a PRO model designed for professional services with its larger size and endless reinforcement feature.

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