Last minute! 2021 LGS Preference Results Announced

lgs preference results announced
lgs preference results announced

LGS preference results were made available on “” on Monday, July 26, at 08.30. Of the 1 million 243 thousand 830 students who registered for the exam, 358 thousand 187 preferred. With the LGS preference results in 2021, the first placement process has been realized for 2 high schools that admit students through exams across Turkey. Students who cannot be placed in these high schools with a quota of 91 thousand 177 people with the results of their first LGS preference will wait for the 500st transfer period and its results.

After the placements made according to LGS preferences, occupancy was achieved in 95 percent of the schools entered through the exam. According to the results of the first placement within the scope of LGS, 93 percent of the students were placed in one of their preferred schools.

The placement process will continue for students who cannot be placed in the first placement or who want to change their school.

Between 26-30 July will be the 1st transplant preference period based on placement. The results of the 1st transplant based on placement will be announced on 2 August. Applications for the second transfer preference based on placement can be made on August 2-2, and the results will be announced on August 6. Thus, the centrally conducted main placement process will be completed on August 9, 9.

For students who cannot be placed in any school, placement applications will be received by the provincial/district student placement and transfer commissions and the placement process will be completed on August 20, 2021.

To learn LGS placement results CLICK HERE

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