Karaismailoğlu Announces Rare Development on Osmangazi Bridge

karaismailoglu heralded a rare development on the osmangazi bridge
karaismailoglu heralded a rare development on the osmangazi bridge

Osmangazi Bridge, which is often on the agenda of the public with the amount of herpes guarantee payment, one day provided more vehicles than the guarantee amount, Minister Karaismailoğlu excitedly shared the development with the public. However, although the number of passes is more than the number of guarantees, the company will still be paid due to the price difference.

According to the news in Birgün; One day, vehicles over the number of guarantees were passed on the Osmangazi Bridge through the roads built by the government with the build-operate-transfer model (BOT) and gave a 'customer guarantee'. Minister of Transport Adil Karaismailoğlu shared the rare development with the public. However, although the number of crossings exceeds the number of vehicles guaranteed, the partnership operating the bridge will still be charged, since the guaranteed price per vehicle is higher than the current price.

In buildings such as roads, bridges and hospitals built with the BOT model, the government guarantees income to companies over the lower limit of customers. If the customer is not provided at the lower limit in question, the company is paid by the state as much as the difference. In Turkey, billions of liras enter the coffers of companies every year within the scope of guarantee payments.

One of the most controversial structures due to the BOT model is the Osmangazi Bridge between Dilovası Dil Cape and Altınova Hersek Cape in the Gulf of Izmit. Last year, more than 3 billion TL was paid to the operating partnership for this bridge alone.

Minister of Transport, Adil Karaismailoğlu, shared the development on his social media account after the Osmangazi Bridge, which came to the fore with continuous guarantee payments, provided more vehicles than the number of vehicles promised for guarantee payment in one day.

Karaismailoğlu said, “On July 40.000 at #Osmangazi Bridge, which has 24 equivalent vehicles with a pass guarantee; Automobiles 64.406 Number of Daily Equivalent Vehicles and upward trending graphic with 161% Warranty Coverage Ratio broke a record!” said.


Former banker and Future Party Deputy Chairman Kerim Rota pointed out that the contract toll for Osmangazi Bridge is 370 TL and the taxpayer-supported toll is 147.5 TL, despite the Minister of Transport's statement, “The difference is 222.5 TL. Daily guarantee amount; 14.8 Million TL. The amount to be paid with our taxes on July 24 is approximately between 5.3 and 14.3 million TL. If there is a day when we don't have money in a tweet, please send it," he said.

Former Minister of Transport, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, stated that the fee that should be charged as 44,5 dollars for crossing the Osmangazi Bridge is 15 dollars plus VAT, and the difference of approximately 30 dollars per vehicle is covered by the Treasury.

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