Karaismailoğlu Met with Sector Representatives and Forwarders at Ankara Logistics Base

karaismailoglu met with sector representatives and transporters in ankara logistics
karaismailoglu met with sector representatives and transporters in ankara logistics

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, Ankara's Herokazan He visited the Ankara Logistics Base located in the district of Ankara and met with the representatives of the road transport sector and the transporters. Within the scope of the visit, a video presentation was made to Minister Karaismailoğlu about the work at Ankara Logistics Base.

“Highways are one of the most important areas in terms of logistics”

Receiving information about the ongoing works, Minister Karaismailoğlu then consulted with the sector representatives. with shippers sohbet In his speech, Karaismailoğlu said; Stating that the logistics sector is a very important area for Turkey's goal of being one of the top 10 economies in the world, he said, “Highways are one of the most important areas in terms of logistics. We are here today both to visit you and to exchange views on the sector. We came here today to listen to you," he said.

“Our cooperation and cooperation will continue”

Stating that as the Ministry, they are working by considering all the problems and problems in front of the sector as their own problems and troubles, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “We will work diligently to get results as soon as possible in line with the solution of the problems. You can be sure of that. I hope this cooperation and cooperation will continue. After all, if Turkey will grow, it will grow with you.”

“By stretching the validity period of the certificates, we ensured that the validity of the authorization certificates continues”

Noting that as the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, they support the transporters with the regulations they have implemented, Minister Karaismailoğlu continued as follows;

“In this context, we have extended the validity period of the certificates and ensured the continuation of the validity of the authorization certificates. For those who lost the minimum capacity requirement, we stopped their vehicle drops due to deadlines, insurance and inspection. In order to reduce the risk of transmission during the pandemic period, we have met the requests of our transporters via fax or e-mail without asking for the original documents. Again, due to the ban on assembly during the pandemic period, we provided the opportunity for the Cooperatives to obtain or renew their authorization certificates for the first time, temporarily not seeking the capital requirement stipulated in the legislation, within the framework of KTY or TIO Regulations. We have extended the obligation to send data to the U-ETDS system until 1 December 31 for real persons holding a K2021 authorization certificate. We have provided 75% discount for those who will only transport their household goods with pickup trucks. We offered up to 5% discount on transactions to be made via e-government.”

“We made a regulation in the Road Transport Regulation”

Considering the rapid development and growth experienced in the cargo and postal sector, preventing duplication in sector-related responsibilities; Emphasizing that they have made arrangements in the Road Transport Regulation in order to eliminate the hesitations that may be experienced in the implementation of the legislation and to ensure that the operational obligations of the cargo sector are regulated by the BTK, Minister Karaismailoğlu gave the following statements in his statement;

“In line with the requests received by our Ministry regarding goods transportation activities, we started the studies on the ton x kilometer (base price) application. In order to solve the problems experienced in International Road Transport; As a result of the closure of the Turkmenistan route, Russia-Kazakhstan became the main route for transportation to Central Asian countries, and a total of 2021 transit pass documents were obtained from Russia and 14.500 from Kazakhstan in 14.000. By obtaining 3.500 bilateral additional documents from Russia, great convenience was provided for our transportation. An important step has been taken to solve the Hungarian transit document problem; 74.000 transit certificates (110.000 with the current quota) and 2.000 additional bilateral (5.000 with the current quota) transit certificates were obtained. The quota for Azerbaijan pass documents was increased by 31% to 45 thousand. The Uzbekistan pass quota was increased to 38.000, and the number of free certificates was increased by 60% to 16.000. Uzbekistan transit documents will provide 400 USD per trip and 2.4 million USD in total to our transporters. Transition Document Distribution principles have been amended, and transporters have been given the opportunity to obtain a transit document directly from the distribution office (one-time second sale) for documents belonging to countries that do not have a transit document problem, without the need to apply to our Ministry. In addition, the 3-day document ban application has been ended for companies that cannot return their compulsory return documents 10 times, provided that they make the return process via e-Government.

“Work continues to create the infrastructure for rapid and low-cost transit transit from our country”

Expressing that 70 million international transports are carried out annually from Turkey to nearly 1.3 countries, Karaismailoğlu said, “Bilateral/transit transports are free with 24 of these countries. More than 1 million permits are exchanged with other countries each year. As a result of the studies, when the first 2021 months of 6 and the same period of 2020 are compared, it is seen that there is an increase of 25% in our road transports in general and up to 40% in our transports especially to some EU countries. We continue to work on limiting the waiting times at all our road border gates to a maximum of 6 hours, allowing the transporters to follow the remaining document status more easily, and avoiding waiting at TIR parks by turning to alternative routes in case of running out of transit documents. By our Ministry; Efforts are continuing to facilitate transit transportation and to create the infrastructure for rapid and low-cost transit transit from our country.

Then, coming together with the most important stakeholders of the sector, the driver tradesmen, Minister Karaismailoğlu said that they will do all the necessary work on the drivers' working hours, the scales at the crossing points, the SRC Certificate, the Transport Organization (TIO) Certificate.

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