KadıköyShopping Mall Station Plan Canceled

mall station plan in kadikoy has been canceled
mall station plan in kadikoy has been canceled

📩 18/07/2021 12:29

At the intersection of Istanbul's main transportation lines, Metrobus, Marmaray and High Speed ​​​​Train Kadıköy The zoning plans of the station project that will transform the Söğütlüçeşme station into a shopping center have been cancelled. The plans prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization were found to be against the principles of urban planning and the law.

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, in May 2019 Kadıköy He prepared zoning plans for the Public Transport Station Area in Hasanpaşa District. The parcels in the planning area covering approximately 65 thousand 370 square meters belong to TCDD, IMM and the Treasury.

In addition to the new high-speed train terminal, commercial and cultural buildings would also be built on the site. Kadıköy At that time, the municipality stated that cultural areas and commercial functions that would bring new traffic load to the region, which were not related to the transportation and station area, should not be included in the plan and warned that the green tissue in the region would also become concrete. An action for annulment was filed by the Istanbul branches of the Chambers of City Planners, Architects and Civil Engineers.


SözcüAccording to Özlem Güvemli's report, Istanbul 13th Administrative Court decided on the case on 29 June 2021 and the zoning plans were unanimously canceled. It was concluded that the zoning plans are not in accordance with planning principles and techniques, urban planning principles, law and legislation. Important findings were also made in the expert report, which was the basis for the annulment decision of the court.


In the expert report, it was pointed out that the zoning plans contain different uses such as "social-cultural areas, recreation areas and commercial areas" and said, "This situation makes it unclear where and how big these different uses will be in the planning area. The plan is a document that is technically and in principle ambiguous. This situation is against planning principles and techniques. It was also stated in the plan that the precedent, that is, the right to construction value, will be used in what proportion of the area.

against the plan Kadıköypeople had taken action. Kadıköy Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı also participated in the action and supported it.


In the expert report, which also draws attention to the effects of the plan on transportation, the project is at the intersection of public transportation routes, KadıköyFahrettin Kerim Gökay Street, which is one of the main highways of Turkey, passes through the planning area, and there are also around it. Kadıköy It was explained that there are structures such as the municipality building, the marriage office, and the Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium.

It was stated that the density of vehicles and people in the region is high, and that the station experiences pedestrian and vehicle traffic at all hours of the day, and said, "With the possibility of additional construction at this point where the Metrobus, Marmaray, High Speed ​​​​Train and highway intersect, it may be possible to create new traffic attraction to the region. It is considered that even the entrance-exit traffic of the 443-vehicle car park to be built in this region, where traffic and pedestrian density will increase, may cause significant queuing. It was also emphasized that the reasons for the construction of the planned transportation project were not clearly demonstrated with numerical indicators.

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