Istanbul's New Symbol Candidate Museum Gazhane Opened

istanbul's new symbol candidate museum gazhane opened
istanbul's new symbol candidate museum gazhane opened

The new IMM administration opened the historical Hasanpaşa Gazhanesi, which was tendered by the former administration in 2014 and committed to finish it in 2019, under the name “Museum Gazhane” after approximately 1,5 years of work. Speaking at the opening of the Museum Gazhane, which is a candidate to become one of the new symbols of Istanbul, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu said, “We have started the restoration work in Yedikule Gashane, which shares the same fate with this place and is in an idle state, and that there is also a very valuable culture and art. I want to give good news to the people of Istanbul that we will bring together the museum area and the museum area.”

One of Turkey's most important industrial cultural heritage KadıköyThe historical Hasanpaşa Gazhanesi in Istanbul became one of the four gas houses that were established in Istanbul in the 1800s. for 4 years Kadıköy The restoration dossier prepared by ITU between 32-1998 regarding the 2001 thousand square meter Hasanpasa Gashouse that supplies gas to and around the city was approved by the Conservation Board in 2014. The approved project was tendered by the previous Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) administration on January 8, 2014. The works, which started on March 7, 2014, are planned to be completed in 2019. However, the studies could not be completed on time for various reasons. The new İBB administration under Ekrem İmamoğlu gave special importance to Hasanpaşa Gazhanesi as soon as he took office. After a period of approximately 7 years, IMM brought Hasanpaşa Gazhanesi to the people of Istanbul under the name “Museum Gazhane”.


Museum Gazhane, which is a candidate to be one of the symbol areas of Istanbul, was opened by İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu. Within its structure; The opening of the Museum Gazhane, which hosts 6 exhibition/museum halls, 2 theaters/concert halls, performance studios, a library, Istanbul Bookstore, 3 food and beverage areas, workshops, co-working spaces and a closed car park, hosted colorful events. To İmamoğlu at the opening, Kadıköy Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı and Mayor of Kartal Gökhan Yüksel accompanied him. Imamoglu and the accompanying delegation took a short tour of Istanbul's new symbol venue before the opening. Prior to the opening, a live audio-visual choir performance was performed in collaboration with the İBB City Orchestra and the “Chromas Chorus (Başak Doğan), Amir Ahmedoğlu and Tolga Böyük” produced and created by Lalin Akalan. Mixing the traditional choir with technology, the performance presented an intertwined sound and color show to the audience, accompanied by minimal visuals that were coded and projected onto the giant LED screen, reminiscent of the sunrise and sunset colors of Istanbul. The performance, which revealed the contribution of collective production and technology to traditional arts, underlined the forgotten values ​​of the individualized world.


At the opening due to the pandemic, respectively; Mahir Polat, Deputy Secretary General of IMM, Kadıköy Mayor Odabaşı and İBB President İmamoğlu made speeches. Polat, who made the first speech, touched on the historical process of the Museum Gazhane and explained the phases of the project in detail. Stating that they brought the social phase of the project to a completely different point with 1,5 years of work, Polat said, “We tried to produce a culture and art basin in Hasanpaşa. Of course, this was quite a difficult task. Because, together with the needs of the area, the feelings of the people before it, the resentments here and other stages, Hasanpaşa was a project that faltered between being a good public open space and being a mediocre space. From that day on, with the vision and support of the new municipality and all the field works to be developed on the right to the city, especially the production of a civil area, we have made a strong progress in the rapid completion of this field, together with the importance that our very valuable President Ekrem İmamoğlu has given here from the first day. " said.


Kadıköy Mayor Odabaşı added, “Today, a longing ends. Here today, with Gazhane KadıköyThe people of Istanbul embrace Gazhane. A struggle that lasted about 30 years today; It is crowned with the victory of those who resist, produce, believe in science and art. Here today KadıköyWe add a new one to the values ​​that make . More precisely, we update the memory and return it to its place in our repertoire.” Gazhane Kadıköy Pointing out its importance for the Turkish economy, Odabaşı said, “Gazhane is both our historical and social memory. unused since 1993 but KadıköyIt's a huge memory that lü has a constant relationship with and keeps in her mind. It is a witness of an era with its function and architecture. Gazhane is the fire and light of this region, which is about 100 years old," he said.


Odabaşı pointed out that there was a radical mentality change in the Metropolitan Municipality after the June 23 elections. Kadıköy and IMM's joint work that changed the face of the district. Odabaşı, who thanked İBB President İmamoğlu for the change in mindset, said:

“Our struggle was with the mentality that kept its own people busy for years and did not make things happen. At the end of that magnificent mentality change, there is a Metropolitan Mayor who has killed what is not now and continues on his way with the slogan of serving 16 million people. There is a hardworking team that deserves applause. in two years Kadıköyfor your contribution to; for your anger against the attacks on urban aesthetics; for your courage against the enemies of this ancient city; for your resilience in a fraternal struggle for life; for your justice, which you share with us in all circumstances; Most importantly, thank you for being president of 16 million. Everything is going great”


Speaking after Odabaşı, İmamoğlu said, “We are experiencing the pleasure and pride of incorporating this beautiful beginning of our 130-year industrial heritage, the Museum Gazhane, into the cultural and artistic life. Hasanpaşa Gazhanesi, which gave energy and light to Istanbul for years, will be a light to culture, art and science from now on. The possibilities and experiences offered by the Museum Gazhane, which will illuminate life, in this magnificent historical atmosphere”. Emphasizing that he believes the Museum Gazhane will become the center of social life, İmamoğlu thanked the scientists who contributed to the process. Saying "I would like to thank our late teacher Afife Batur, ITU Faculty of Architecture faculty members Gülsün Tanyeli, Yıldız Salman, Deniz Aslan, Sevim Aslan and Gazhane Environmental Volunteers," İmamoğlu added that Batur's name was placed in the library in the complex. announced it was given.


Emphasizing that valuable struggles were made during the transformation process of the Gazhane, İmamoğlu did not forget the late Kadir Topbaş, the former İBB President who initiated the project. Saying, "I would like to thank the late Topbaş for starting this process," İmamoğlu said, "When we took office later on, we quickly overcame the budget and production balance problems of that period, the rough construction of which had been completed to a large extent and frankly, we found the process uncertain," said İmamoğlu. We speeded up the work. And with a really valuable new vision and planning, we transformed Hasanpaşa Gazhanesi into the culture, art and science campus you see today.”


Sharing the details of the units to be located on the campus, İmamoğlu said, “We are also inspired by some really successful centers in different parts of the world. We will enrich and develop our activities, especially by collaborating with the valuable artists and designers of the world and our country. I would like to announce to all Istanbulites that this 32 thousand square meter campus, which allows working together with different disciplines, will become a new artistic center. I would like to give another happy news: I would like to give the good news to the people of Istanbul that we have started the restoration work in Yedikule Gazhanesi, which shares the same fate with this place and is in an idle state, and that we will bring you and Istanbulites together with a very valuable culture-art area, a museum area. In addition to these projects, we will bring together the people of Istanbul by creating contemporary culture and art spaces in Haliç Shipyard, Feshane, Bulgur Palas, which we took ownership of, and Basilica Cistern, which we are about to complete the restoration of, by taking into account the needs of the day.


Saying, “We always know and feel that culture and art are a source of joy and hope in life,” İmamoğlu said, “We are aware that meeting culture and art is one of the most valuable things that our children need in order to have a creative future in this beautiful city. With this dimension, no one should doubt that we will present a very scientific, technical and meaningful process to Istanbulites so that Istanbul gets the value it deserves and spaces that give opportunities to those creative people.” After the speeches, the light show created a visual feast in the skies of Istanbul.


Operational concession IMM subsidiary Kültür A.Ş. The industrial heritage that was taken over by the company will turn into a culture and art center with the great efforts of the local people and academic circles and continue on its way as Museum Gazhane. Museum Gazhane aims to create a universal value by focusing on local industrial heritage and cultural values. In this context, it draws inspiration from dozens of cultural and artistic centers in different parts of the world. Museum Gazhane is preparing to meet both Istanbulites and guests from different parts of the world with projects and events that are identified with Istanbul and have a universal vision in the coming period. Museum Gazhane social media accounts are as follows:



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