IMM Young Talent Development Program Starts with the Launch Event to be held on July 29

ibb youth talent development program starts with the launch event in July
ibb youth talent development program starts with the launch event in July

Aiming to prepare young people for business life, the “İBB Young Talent Development Programme” starts with the launch event that will take place on July 29. For the first time, 1000 young talents from Istanbul, who meet the necessary conditions and successfully pass the exams, are included in the program, which will be held for the third time this year.

“İBB Young Talent Development Program”, which aims to increase the professional, personal knowledge and skills of young people residing in Istanbul and prepare them for business life, was held on Thursday, July 30, by Dr. It will start with the launch event that will take place at the Architect Kadir Topbaş Show and Art Center.

Among the speakers of the opening program specially prepared for the youth, there will be important names from business, culture and art circles such as Cem Boyner, Emin Capa, Şengül Altan Arslan, Akan Abdula, Beyhan Murphy, Evrencan Gündüz. Also, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Ekrem İmamoğlu will also meet with young people at the event and answer questions from young people.

After the launch event, which is the beginning of a six-month development journey, a full training program including e-trainings, web-based seminars (webinars), field studies where Istanbul will be experienced, a development camp where brand new ideas turn into projects, and sectoral meetings where career opportunities will be awaited awaits young talents from Istanbul. .


Yiğit Oğuz Duman, Advisor to the President of İBB Human Resources and the executive of the project, shared that he is happy to meet with the young people at the launch event that will take place soon. Duman said, “We believe in the power of this worldwide award-winning program and we bring it together with young people from Istanbul who are looking for a job. We dream of our youth as individuals who take initiative, are sensitive to their environment, believe in merit, attach importance to their development and are brave. For this reason, we attach great importance to repeating the Young Talent Development Program every six months. Thus, we aim to touch as many young citizens of Istanbul as possible.” used the phrases.

Talking about the importance of creating opportunities for young people, Yiğit Oğuz Duman continued his words as follows:

“Young people are our future. As IMM, we see investing in them as one of our priority jobs. With this development in their competencies, they will have the option to work in more qualified jobs in every corner of Turkey. The biggest problem of our youth is their anxiety about the future, it is our biggest dream to be hope for the youth in this program.”

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