IMM Young Talent Development Program Launched

ibb youth talent development program launched
ibb youth talent development program launched

Aiming to prepare young people for business life, the “İBB Young Talent Development Program” was launched. Organized for the third time this year, the program includes 1.000 young talents from Istanbul who, for the first time, meet the necessary conditions and successfully pass the exams. Join the program with young people sohbet President of IMM Ekrem İmamoğlusaid that a very educational and exciting process awaits the participants.

The "İBB Young Talent Development Program", which aims to increase the professional, personal knowledge and skills of young people under the age of 30 residing in Istanbul and to prepare them for business life, was held with 1.000 young people from Istanbul who applied and fulfilled the conditions of participation in Yenikapı Dr. It started with the launch event held at the Architect Kadir Topbaş Show and Art Center. Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), who participated in the event Ekrem İmamoğlumet with the youth. with the participants sohbet İmamoğlu also answered the questions posed to him by the youth. Stating that Istanbul is a difficult city with plenty of opportunities, İmamoğlu said that there is nothing that young people cannot achieve if they are determined and work hard. İmamoğlu said, “You have been successful and qualified to participate in this program. A very exciting and educational process awaits you. I congratulate you all in advance," he said.

Among the speakers of the opening program specially prepared for young people are: İBB President Advisor Yiğit Oğuz Duman, İBB Deputy Secretary General Şengül Altan Arslan, Boyner Holding Chairman of the Board Cem Boyner, Journalist and Economist Emin Çapa, Communication Affairs Co-Founder Yusuf Özer, Futurebright Founder Akan Abdula , Choreographer and Art Director Beyhan Murphy, and important names from the business, culture and art circles took part.

Yiğit Oğuz Duman stated that, as İBB, they attach great importance to supporting the development of young people and contributing to their preparation for business life, and said that despite the pandemic conditions, they carried out a successful program with 1.500 young people last year and that they won the ATD Best, one of the most prestigious awards in the world in the field of talent development. Duman stated that he believes that important opportunities will be offered to all participants with the 6-month program prepared as a result of a very comprehensive and meticulous study this year.

The meeting of young talents, which continued with interesting presentations and entertaining competitions, ended with inspiring career stories and Evrencan Gündüz concert. Young people participating in the program are registered in the candidate pool of IMM Regional Employment Offices, which brings together employers in the private sector and job seekers. It is aimed to provide free career counseling and employment opportunities to young people throughout the process.

After the launch event, which was the beginning of a six-month development journey, young talents from Istanbul; A training program full of e-trainings, web-based seminars (webinars), field studies that they will experience, a development camp where brand new ideas turn into projects, and sectoral meetings where career opportunities will be achieved are waiting for you.

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