Home Care Aid Payments Will Be Deposited in Accounts Before the Holidays

home care assistance will be deposited in accounts before the holiday
home care assistance will be deposited in accounts before the holiday

Our Minister of Family and Social Services, Derya Yanık, announced that home care aid payments made to provide economic support to disabled citizens and their families in need of care will be made before the Eid al-Adha. Will Home Care Aid Payments Be Given Before the Holiday?

Minister Yanık stated that they provide care services in institutions to disabled citizens who cannot live on their own and cannot be cared for with their families, and that they support the disabled who stay with their families with service models such as day care service and home care assistance.

Minister Yanık said that supporting disabled people who need care with their families is one of their primary goals and said, “We are developing our policies for our disabled citizens in line with our family-oriented social service vision. With home care assistance, we also support our citizens who have relatives with severe disabilities who need care and cannot work because they take care of them. We are currently providing home care assistance to more than half a million citizens.”

“We started depositing Home Care Assistance payments into accounts”

Reminding that the home care aid payments in June coincide with the Eid al-Adha, Minister Yanık stated that they brought the payment date forward in order to support families in need before the feast. Minister Yanık said, "We have started to deposit Home Care Assistance payments into accounts."

“893,1 million TL will be paid”

Minister Yanık stated that 893,1 million TL will be paid in July within the scope of home care assistance payments and wished that the payments would be beneficial to all disabled citizens.

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