Home Care Assistance Increased to 1.797 TL, Elderly Pension to 828 TL

home care aid tlye elderly pension tlye increased
home care aid tlye elderly pension tlye increased

Our Minister of Family and Social Services, Derya Yanık, announced that in line with the regulation made in civil servant salaries in July, the home care fee within the scope of social service models increased to 1.797 TL, Social and Economic Support (SED) payments to 1.259 TL and the elderly pension to 828 TL. .

Stating that in the payment period of July 2021, more than 775 million citizens, 640 thousand elderly and 1.4 thousand disabled, were paid monthly, Minister Yanık noted that they expect the payments made in 2021 to reach 13 billion TL in total.

Pointing out that the pensions for the elderly and the disabled have been increased with the increase in the salaries of civil servants, Minister Yanık said that the pensions of the elderly increased from 763,67 TL to 828,21 TL, and the pensions of those with a disability report of 40-69 percent from 609,61 TL to 661,13 TL. He also reported that the pensions of citizens with a disability report of 70 percent or more increased from 914,41 TL to 991,69 TL.

“Home care assistance” increased to 1.797 TL

Noting that 530 thousand citizens who take care of their disabled relatives in need of care are provided with "home care assistance", Minister Yanık noted that for the period of July-December 2021, home care assistance has been increased from 1.657,86 TL to 1.797,97 TL per month. Minister Yanık also stated that the monthly support given to severe silicosis patients increased from 1.677,45 TL to 1.819,22 TL.

Social and Economic Support of 170.9 million TL was provided in July

Minister Yanık also gave information on the amount of Social and Economic Support (SED). Emphasizing that they are based on the principle of supporting children primarily with their families, Yanık stated that SIA services are provided to families in need for their children in this direction.

Minister Yanık noted that the average amount of aid per child in the SIA service increased from 1.161 TL to 1.259 TL.

Minister Yanık stated that in July, 170,9 million TL support was provided for children with the SED service.

“We aim for them to participate fully in social life”

Emphasizing that they support citizens in need with social service models, Minister Yanık stated that they aim to ensure that citizens participate fully in economic and social life. Burns, "We continue to support our citizens in need by increasing the amount of social assistance payments." said.

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