Great Interest in LGS Preference Support of Ankara Metropolitan

heavy interest in ankara buyuksehir lgs preference support
heavy interest in ankara buyuksehir lgs preference support

Student-friendly projects of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continue. Providing free preference support to students with expert guides after the High School Entrance Examination (LGS), the Metropolitan Municipality will continue to provide this service in 4 centers until 16 July.

Metropolitan Municipality provides free preference support to students after the High School Entrance Exam (LGS).

Social Services Department initiated free preference support with expert guides in Mamak Youth Center, Kuşçağız Family Life Center, Yahyalar Family Life Center and Elvankent Family Life Center so that students can make better choices after the exam.


Expert Guide Aslı Kamalı, who stated that the students showed great interest in the education support of the Metropolitan Municipality, said, “As the Social Services Department, we have been providing free preference services to the students in the Family Life Centers for two years, in line with the student-friendly projects of our President Mansur Yavaş. We receive positive feedback from our parents and students. In this process, we expect all our students to make a choice”, while Campus College Guidance Teacher Kübra Ayan, who gave preference support to students within the scope of the protocol, made the following evaluations:

“We provide such a good service in line with the protocol we signed with the Metropolitan Municipality. Our students and parents have many questions about LGS. We are working to eliminate those question marks and to help them during the selection period.”


Students and parents, who benefited from the free preference support provided in 4 centers and will continue until July 16, expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

-Zeliha Betül Tufan (student): “My selection process went well. They were very helpful. I think I made a more logical choice with the help I got from here. I am very satisfied, thank you.”

-Yunus Emre Un (student): “I took the exam. I was a little confused during the selection period. Thanks to this service, I think I made a better choice and it is useful.”

-Ugur Emre Aksoy (student): “I came here to make a choice. It's a very nice application. I think I made a good choice with the help here.”

-Nurcan Tufan (parent): “The help of our teacher guided us, we were very confused. We are going through an important period. Since it is an election that will affect 4 years and beyond, this service has been a great plus for us. I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality very much. I heard about this service from my friends, I came and we chose it with my daughter. We were very satisfied.”



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