GAGİAD Speaks of the Advantages of Logistics Centers

gagiad talked about the advantages of logistics centers
gagiad talked about the advantages of logistics centers

Gaziantep Young Businessmen Association (GAGİAD) talked about the issues such as supporting logistics centers, fast transportation to distribution chains and storage in the video conference "The Advantages of Domestic and International Logistics Centers".

Gaziantep Young Businessmen Association (GAGİAD) hosted Customs Consultant Cenk Öncel as a speaker at the “Domestic and International Logistics Centers Advantages” meeting via video conference system. The opening speech of the program was made by GAGİAD Chairman of the Board Cihan Koçer.

Expressing that logistics centers will significantly increase Turkey's competitiveness in Europe, GAGİAD Chairman of the Board Cihan Koçer; “In the pandemic process, which affected all sectors, the supply-demand balance affected both the supply processes and the logistics sector. After the developments in the world, our country took measures to create a sustainable competitive environment in the logistics sector and to enable the sector to reach the power to compete in the international arena. The "Decision on Supporting Foreign Logistics Centers" published in the Official Gazette will contribute to producing faster, more reliable and flexible solutions in the logistics sector. With YDLM, the efficiency of exporters' supply and distribution chains will be increased, and export products will be delivered to new markets in the most efficient way. As it is known, the benefit of effective logistics service in export success is indisputable. I also believe that it is an advantage for us that our country is close to the EU market. With the overseas logistics centers established, a significant part of their expenses will be supported by the state. With this application, exports will increase. Gaziantep is a city that increased its export volume by 2021 percent to $6 billion in a 41.1-month period in 4.825, increasing its exports by 40 percent compared to June of the previous year. Gaziantep, which sets an example with its export performance, will carry its ranking to a much higher level with the support of the state.

If the Customs Consultant is Cenk Öncel; "The Decision on Supporting Foreign Logistics Centers" was put into effect with the President's Decision No. 14 in the Official Gazette on 2020 October 3080. The decision is to ensure the rapid and comprehensive flow of Turkish exports, to ensure that exporters penetrate international supply and distribution chains quickly and cost-sensitively, and to create infrastructure opportunities that will stabilize our export performance in key markets. Within the scope of this decision, installation, investment including IT, license and permit expenses, 70% and maximum 5 million USD per YDLM, rental-commission usage expenses, including taxes, of units opened directly or through foreign companies or branches, 70% for two years, 50% for other years, and a maximum of 3 million USD per YDLM per year, expenses for advertising, promotion and marketing activities and procurement of consultancy services, gross wages of up to ten people employed in accordance with the conditions to be determined by the Ministry in the first two years It will be supported by 70%, 50% in other years, and a maximum of 799 thousand USD per year per YDLM.”

Predecessor; “It is aimed to increase the logistics efficiency of Turkey in foreign trade, to reduce the burden of logistics costs, to shorten the transportation time of final products to consumption markets and to strengthen Turkey's international position in the logistics sector. In this context, steps were taken to establish a logistics center in England. It is planned to establish overseas logistics centers with a focus on E-Export. In particular, small parts will be transported more cheaply and quickly, and the distribution of bulk shipments will be carried out from specially designated supply bases in various parts of the world. These supply bases will also play a role in increasing e-Exports by reducing return costs.

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