Signaling System Activated at Ermenek Industry Junction

Signaling system activated at ermenek industrial junction
Signaling system activated at ermenek industrial junction

A signaling system was established in this region, as the vehicles entered the opposite lane instead of using the divided road at the crossing of the divided road across the old Highways (Industry, University, Coal City, Prison), which was completed as a result of the Ermenek-Mut State Highway works, creating an accident risk.

In the statement made by the Ermenek Municipality on the subject, "As Ermenek Municipality, the necessary correspondence was made to the Konya Highways 3rd Regional Directorate on 17/07/2020 to solve the related problems, and to the Ermenek District Governorship District Traffic Commission for the signaling works to be done by the Highways. Necessary correspondence was made to take a commission decision on 03 and 02/2021/20, and as a result, as of Friday, 05 July, the signaling system has been activated for the old Highways and industrial zone crossings in Seyran Mahallesi, our district. It is important to announce that our citizens should be more sensitive about this issue and show sensitivity to obey the traffic rules.

Günceleme: 10/07/2021 12:29

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