Electricity Generating Bicycle Will Charge Phone

electric bike will charge phone
electric bike will charge phone

📩 09/07/2021 14:27

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality supported the project of raising awareness on renewable energy resources of students from Antalya. With the electric-generating bicycle designed by the students, citizens will have the opportunity to both charge their phones and do sports by pedaling.

Primary school students in Antalya shared their electric-generating bicycle project, which they prepared to raise awareness about renewable energy sources, with the Metropolitan Municipality. The Metropolitan Municipality, which supported the project designed by the students, started to work.

With bicycles that can generate electricity only with human energy, citizens will have the opportunity to both do sports and charge their phones by turning the pedal. When the works are completed, the designed bicycles will serve at various points of the city.


Sarp Emekcil, an Electrical Engineer at the Metropolitan Municipality's Climate Change and Clean Energy Branch Directorate, said that the project applied by the students was supported because it overlapped with the work of the Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of alternative energy sources.


Stating that the aim of the project prepared by the students is to enable them to charge their phones and to encourage them to live a healthy life, Sarp Emekcil said, “It has been around for years to generate electricity with Dynamo. However, with small touches, we will be able to use the electricity produced from the bicycle to charge the phone or to supply the energy of the fan. We are progressing step by step on this bike, which was designed as a prototype within the scope of the project.”


With the project, the movement energy generated by turning the bicycle pedal and turning the wheels will be converted into electrical energy by means of a dynamo and this energy in the form of alternating current will be converted into direct current form with an intermediate electronic circuit to be used and regulated. In this way, the energy needed for charging mobile phones, running a mini fan for cooling, and LED lighting elements mounted on the construction will be produced.

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