Eastern Express Flights Restart on 12 July

eastern express services start again in july
eastern express services start again in july

Eastern Express Expeditions Restart on 12 July. With the gradual lifting of the coronavirus restrictions, action was also taken for the Eastern Express. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure State Railways Transportation Inc. In accordance with the decision taken by the General Directorate of Passenger Department, the Eastern Express will depart from Ankara on July 12, 2021.

The route of the Eastern Express, which is especially popular among young people, consists of Ankara-Kırıkkale-Kayseri-Sivas-Erzincan Erzurum and Kars. While waiting for a few minutes at the intermediate stops, this time can be up to 10-15 minutes at the main stops.

Eastern Express Travel Time

The Eastern Express train of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Transportation Inc., which attracts great attention, is among the oldest lines in Turkey and starts its journey from Ankara in Kars in 25 hours on average.

The Eastern Express, which draws attention with its fairy-tale journey being shared frequently on social media, offers the opportunity to travel in front of the magnificent view of nature, which is covered with a lush green cover in the summer months.

Eastern Express Features

Eastern Express operates between Ankara Kars and Ankara every day and consists of pullman, covered couchette and dining wagons. There are 10 compartments in couchette wagons, and 4 people can travel in each compartment. Bed linen, pique and pillow are provided by TCDD Tasimacilik AS, and the seats in the compartment can be used as beds when requested. The dining car has seating for 14 tables ranging from 47 to 52.

Due to the natural beauties that the train passes through, it is one of the trains where travelers and photographers are in high demand. The busiest season is summer, and travels are usually made by pulman wagons in this season. In the winter months, requests from different professions such as hiking groups, photographers, mountaineering groups, university students, and teachers are generally taken to couched cars. The preference of these groups starts at the end of December and continues until mid-March.

The East Express completes the journey between Ankara and Kars in approximately 24 hours.

Dinner wagons in the East Express are 4 tables each. The wagon includes breakfast, soup, hot food, cold sandwiches and hot / cold drinks. The restaurant does not have a specific opening-closing time. Open 7/24.

East Express Route Map

The Eastern Express route, which is among the 10 most beautiful railway travel routes in the world, fascinates passengers with its scenery.

Eastern Express route map

Due to road maintenance and repair works, Eastern Express stops at Bortankaya Station instead of Sivas Station.

Eastern Express Hours

Ankara Departure River Departure Departure from Kayseri Departure from Sivas Departure from Erzincan Departure from Erzurum Kars Flights
17.55 19.20 01.15 05.18 11.11 15.28 19.27
Departure from Kars Departure from Erzurum Departure from Erzincan Departure from Sivas Departure from Kayseri River Departure Ankara Arrival
08.00 11.50 15.52  22.25 01.29 07.18 08.53

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