Kids Should Spend Summer Vacation with English

children should spend their summer vacation in English
children should spend their summer vacation in English

Learning English is everyone's dream. The easiest way to achieve this is to get acquainted with a foreign language at an early age. For children, especially in the summer months, it offers many advantages due to the low course load. Linguist Seda Yekeler states that in this process, there will be progress in language acquisition with activities that can be done even at home.

Let it be part of your life

Linguist Seda Yekeler, who stated that it would not be beneficial for children to sit at a desk as if they were teaching a lesson, said, “Instead, you can give small daily research tasks that they can do using a foreign language. When you make foreign language a part of their life, all you have to do as a parent is to sit back and marvel at your children's foreign language development. Remember, children value what their parents value. The more you value language acquisition and the more good examples are given to them, the higher the language acquisition will rank in their value system. Generation Z does not like being dictated to them, so we can pass on our values ​​as an example to them. "Children are trained with their eyes, not their ears," he said.

Do home activities

Pointing out that there are many activities for learning languages ​​at home, Yekeler said, “For example, there are sites where they can read the news according to their language level. You can read and even listen to the same news by choosing the difficulty levels. Or there are applications where you can only do listening exercises. There are word study apps, reading apps, speaking apps, and writing apps. It is difficult and in my opinion not right to completely prevent our children from spending time with phones and tablets. However, it is also very possible to turn language acquisition into something they can enjoy by encouraging them to use these devices for useful things," he said.

Children should spend their summer vacation in English

Stating that the summer vacation provides an advantage for language learning due to the large amount of free time students have, Yekeler said, "While we continue our online education with our students who are on vacation during this period, we also maintain our intensive face-to-face programs. With the YEK Method I have developed, the summer months provide a springboard for our students to gain speed. Language education is not a very short period of time, but an intensive summer education shortens this process for us. The longest training process is the one that started the latest. Therefore, I invite everyone to acquire a language in which they can realize their dreams without a moment's delay. Tomorrow will be later than today. I especially recommend those who have difficulty in dreaming to learn a language. A new language will present them with new dreams and open their horizons.”



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