Kervan Intersection Improvement Project Starts

Caravan Junction Improvement Project Begins
Caravan Junction Improvement Project Begins

Within the scope of Düzce Municipality Transportation Master Plan studies, the improvement project is starting at the Caravan Junction, where the traffic load is high in terms of connection points. Traffic will be relieved with the smart signaling system to be built at the intersection.

Work is underway to alleviate the burden of the Caravan Junction, which connects important points such as Düzce's Organized Industrial Zone, Anatolian Highway, Courthouse, Police Department, City Center Northern Ring Road, Bahçeşehir connection road and D-100 highway. With the works left after Eid al-Adha, new pockets and smart signaling system will take the traffic load at the intersection. While drivers will save time and fuel, exhaust emissions will also decrease.


In the Transportation Master Plan, Düzce Mayor Dr. At Caravan, one of the intersections Faruk Özlü wants to be solved, the traffic lights will turn on according to the traffic density and long queues of vehicles will be prevented.

Mayor Özlü, who reiterated that there are various alternative solution proposals for the Kervan Junction, but stated that they decided on the improvement project as a result of the measurements and controls of the experts in order not to divide the city and the traffic flow to flow more easily, said, “As Düzce Municipality, we took the control of the intersection from the Highways. We made vehicle counts, measurements and analyzes of traffic lights. Then, we consulted with our citizens and went on the path of improvement. With the implementation of the project, at the Kervan Junction, which is the intersection point of the important parts of the city, both fuel and time will be saved and a significant distance will be covered in terms of air pollution.


Duzce Mayor Dr. Faruk Özlü gave his instructions for the completion of the Caravan Junction project, which is included in the Transportation Master Plan and is one of the most important entry points of the city, as soon as possible.



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