Bizİzmir Clothing Point in Üçyol is Opened

bizizmir clothing point opened for service
bizizmir clothing point opened for service

📩 11/07/2021 10:47

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality established Bizİzmir Clothing Point in Üçyol district of Karabağlar to support citizens whose purchasing power has decreased due to the deepening economic crisis due to the pandemic. President inaugurating Clothes Point Tunç Soyer, appealed to those who can afford to donate new clothes to Clothes Point.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn line with the social municipality understanding of 's, Bizİzmir Clothing Point in Üçyol has been added to the Bizİzmir Solidarity Points, one in Buca and three in Konak. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who opened the Garment Point Tunç Soyer, calling on the people of Izmir to donate new clothes, said, “I believe that our city, which wrote the history of solidarity, will not let this call go unanswered. I invite our citizens, whose purchasing power has decreased due to the deepening economic crisis due to the pandemic, to stop by the Dressing Point. "There is no problem that we cannot solve with solidarity," he said.

Unused clothing can be donated

Ulaş Aydın, Head of the Social Services Department of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, gave information about the Garment Point, and said that low-income citizens can access new clothes through this center. Stating that it is in an important location because it is located at the intersection of Karabağlar, Buca and Konak districts, Aydın said that an exemplary solidarity was formed in the 30 October Izmir earthquake and the pandemic, and said, “We think that there will be a large number of new, unused clothing donations to our clothing point. With the solidarity of our citizens and the contribution of the municipality, we will institutionalize our clothing point in the medium and long term. We will meet the clothing needs of our citizens in need as much as we can.”

At the opening, Mayor Soyer, Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Buğra Gökçe, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Department Head Ulaş Aydın.

Citizens who want to donate unused clothes to the Clothes Point can reach the Social Aids Branch by calling 444 40 35.

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