Bicycle Road Call for Pedestrians from Mersin Metropolitan

bike path call from mersin metropolitan city to pedestrians
bike path call from mersin metropolitan city to pedestrians

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is rapidly continuing its works throughout the city in order to popularize the use of bicycles, which is a healthy means of transportation. The 18.2-kilometer 1st stage bike path works initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department in the city center have reached the final stage. The Metropolitan Municipality made a call to pedestrians and vehicle owners for the roads that have been completed and opened to the service of bicycle users. It was stated that the use of the bicycle path by pedestrians and other vehicles is not correct in terms of both the regulation and the safety of the citizens.

18.2 percent of the 90 kilometer bike path has been completed

The final stage has been reached in the construction of the first phase of the Bicycle Road Project, the 18.2-kilometer-long 1st phase from Mezitli Menderes District to Akdeniz Nusratiye District. 90% of the completed part of the project has been opened to the use of cyclists. The work of the remaining 10 percent continues rapidly.

“We think that it is not right in terms of both the regulation and the safety of our citizens”

Civil Engineer Oğuz Kaan Turgut, who works at the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, called on the people of Mersin to reserve the bicycle path, which has reached the final stage, for bicycle users only. Turgut made the following statements in his statement:

“Under the leadership of our Mayor, we set out on this road to turn Mersin into a cycling paradise and to encourage people to healthy transportation at the same time. Currently, 90 percent of our bike path as a construction item is finished. There is little work left in the remaining parts. Our request from our citizens on these bicycle paths, which are purely for transportation purposes, is to leave the bicycle path to bicycle users. We expect dedication in this direction. We know that the people of Mersin are also very sensitive. We want them to help us with this. We provided the work we needed to do as much as we could in areas with the necessary vehicular traffic. But in the coastal areas, in the Culture Park and Atatürk Park, we ask our citizens to leave the bike path to the bike users. We recommend that they use the pedestrian paths reserved for them. Bike paths can also be used by scooter users. We think that it is not right for other tire vehicles to use this band, both in terms of regulation and the safety of our citizens.”



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