Beware of Burns and Scars! How to Reduce the Risk of Scarring

attention to burns and scars how to reduce the risk of scarring
attention to burns and scars how to reduce the risk of scarring

Stem cell therapy has been used in the treatment of many diseases from past to present. However, in recent years, it has found its place among the beauty and aesthetic trends, and it has started to be preferred by many people with the results it gives. Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor gave important information about stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy is used in many fields of medicine, from cancer treatments to orthopedic treatments. Today, it has strengthened medical aesthetics with its contributions. Stem cell therapy is a form of treatment in itself and should not be confused with other treatment methods. Stem cells obtained and used for medical aesthetics cannot be used in the treatment of serious health problems.

Stem cell therapy is one of the treatments that can be considered at a high level among medical aesthetic treatments. Stem cell therapy is used in many areas such as skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, treatment of burns or scars, removal of skin blemishes and acne scars and promoting new hair growth in the field of medical aesthetics.

At this point, it is necessary to separate the stem cell therapy into concepts. There are two different stem cell treatments that I use most when my patients apply to me. One of them is the stem cell obtained by using fat cells, and the other is the stem cell that is obtained by multiplying the cell obtained by biopsy from behind the ear in the laboratory environment. Moreover, a new system has been added to these methods. Now, while we reproduce the cell we obtained from the back of the ear in the laboratory; At the same time, special fillings produced from your blood can also be made. The point you should remember here is that your blood does not act as a stem cell. We develop our blood with a system we call fibrogel and bring it to a filling consistency. When this filler is combined with stem cells, we can inject it into the areas on our face that need fillers. This method makes stem cell therapy 40% more successful without exposing it to any foreign substance.

Studies show that; Although the stem cell works in the presence of other fillings, the most active area is the areas where the fillings obtained from your own blood are present.

When the patient comes to us for stem cell treatment, a tissue in the form of biopsy is first taken from the back of the ear. We then examine the blood samples we take to detect any ailments. The presence of hepatitis, HIV, kidney failure or cancer parameters is observed in blood samples. If there is no problem in the blood samples, stem cell production is started with the best cell in the tissue taken by biopsy. Stem cell therapy can be officially started 4-6 weeks after these stages are skipped.

In stem cell treatments obtained from adipose tissue, a hospital environment is not needed. Now in the clinical setting, we can get 50CC of fat even from a very thin person. The oil we buy is immediately separated in a special machine. This treatment method, which does not have a waiting period, is mostly preferred by our overseas patients who have time problems.

Stem cell therapy can be applied to patients of all ages. Needs may vary. The age at which you start storing your stem cell in the bank is important. For example, you had your stem cell removed at the age of 30 and put it on hold at the bank. When you need stem cell therapy at the age of 70, the cells that will be used will be your 30-year-old young stem cells.

With stem cell technology, the risk of the body developing an allergic reaction afterwards is zero. After the procedure, only the redness caused by the needle may be visible. Apart from that, there is no pain or ache after the procedure.

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