Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro debuts at Le Mans!

aston martin valkyrie amr pro takes to the track
aston martin valkyrie amr pro takes to the track

Making its debut at the Geneva Motor Show three years ago, the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro has already excited car enthusiasts with its extraordinary technologies and track-specific structure.

British giant Aston Martin, which produced the road vehicle version of the Valkyrie, designed by Adrian Newey, was also working on the new hypercar class of the Le Mans 24 Hours race. And the expected announcement has arrived! Producing exactly twice the downforce of its sibling, the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro takes to the track at the 21th Le Mans 22 Hours race held in France on 2021-89 August 24.

Birth of the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro

Aston Martin, Adrian Newey, Red Bull Advanced Technologies (RBAT) and engineering partner Multimatic have joined the Le Mans 24 Hours in the new hypercar class. kazanHe had been working on the design of an Aston Martin Valkyrie racing car since 2019. This advanced design formed the basis of the new Valkyrie AMR Pro. The concept design, which was first showcased at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, was a preliminary study to get more performance from the Valkyrie platform. The new Valkyrie AMR Pro is the race-optimized version of the Le Mans project…

Continuing its technology partnership with Red Bull Advanced Technologies (RBAT), the Valkyrie AMR Pro is a car with unprecedented power and mind-blowing capabilities. It uses a unique version of the Valkyrie chassis with the wheelbase extended by 380mm. The Valkyrie AMR Pro also has an aggressive aerodynamic package that adds an additional 266mm of length.

Thanks to the airflow under the fuselage, it produces an extraordinary downforce, while providing twice the downforce of the Valkyrie.

Giving up the hybrid engine, Aston Martin engineers pursue the lightest weight and fastest lap times in the AMR Pro, where lightness is at the forefront. The Valkyrie AMR Pro is powered by a modified version of the Cosworth-made 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine. Reaching 11.000 rpm, this internal combustion masterpiece has 1000 horsepower. Weight savings; Alongside the deletion of the hybrid system is a number of changes, including an ultralight carbon fiber body, carbon suspension wishbones and Perspex windscreen and side windows.

Target lap time is 3 minutes 20 seconds!

Valkyrie AMR Pro promises track performance close to a Formula 1 car! On the Le Mans 24 Hours circuit, the target is a lap time of 3 minutes and 20 seconds. With all these features, Valkyrie AMR Pro is in the world's biggest endurance race. kazanExtremely ambitious to fight the leading LMP1 cars

Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers states that “the entire Aston Martin Valkyrie program is an outstanding engineering experience”: “As an expression of the passion and expertise that can be found in Aston Martin and its key technical partners, the Valkyrie AMR Pro; a project beyond comparison, a real 'no rules'. The Valkyrie AMR Pro is proof of Aston Martin's commitment to pure performance. We can say that the DNA of this performance will show itself in our future product portfolio. Nothing else is so pleasing to the eye and to the ear, and I am sure nothing will last so well!”

A track day experience will be organized for the Valkyrie AMR Pro, hosted by Aston Martin, at various International FIA Tracks around the world. The experience will include track and pit lane access, support from the Aston Martin Valkyrie trainer team, plus FIA exclusive racing suits and a VIP dinner. Track days will be open to all Aston Martin Valkyrie customers; A selection of Art of Living experiences will be presented, using some of the most challenging and dynamic paths in the UK, Europe, USA and beyond. Additional information about these special experiences will be released later this year.

Physical testing of the Valkyrie AMR Pro will begin soon, with extensive development work completed using powerful simulation tools. Aston Martin Cognizant Formula 1 Team drivers will also be on hand to ensure the Valkyrie AMR Pro delivers the ultimate driving experience.

Nevzat Kaya: “It Will Not Be A Car That Everyone Can Buy”

Nevzat Kaya, Chairman of the Board of Directors of D&D Motor Vehicles, underlines that the “Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro” targets the tracks with its aerodynamic design and will not be a car that everyone can buy since it will be produced in limited numbers. Kaya emphasizes that they are excited to see this state-of-the-art car, which was introduced as a “concept” at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018, on the track at Le Mans 24 Hours for the first time, like all car enthusiasts.

“We ordered 1 from Valhalla”

Nevzat Kaya, Chairman of the Board of Directors of D&D Motor Vehicles, said, “Aston Martin has made many investments, especially new technologies and a new factory, within the scope of the 2nd century action plan. The vehicle models of our brand, which have been renewed in the last 5 years, are the best and most effective examples of this. The most effective pillar of the 2nd century plan is to produce iconic, limited-edition vehicles that are constantly leading in their class, technologically superior to their competitors. Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro is one of the best examples of this series. We also placed our order for one of the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro's cousins, Valhalla, the continuation of the same concept. We look forward to its delivery, we look forward to seeing it on the roads of Turkey…”

Only 40 of the models (plus two prototypes) will be produced, all of which are left-hand drive. The first deliveries are also scheduled to begin in the 4th quarter of this year.

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