Electric Bus Test Flights Started in Ankara

electric bus test vehicles started in ankara
electric bus test vehicles started in ankara

📩 03/07/2021 16:22

While the manufacturing process of 3 domestic electric buses to be received by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality with EU grants continues, 3 electric buses for testing purposes were temporarily included in the vehicle fleet with the agreement made with the manufacturer. 100 percent electric and domestic production buses started to serve on the Karapürçek-Şehir Hospital number 309 and Yenikent-Sıhhiye line number 504.

EGO General Directorate continues its efforts to improve the public transportation systems in Ankara, to provide services with more comfortable, high passenger capacity, economical maintenance and fuel costs, and environmentally friendly vehicles with low emissions.

Thanks to the environmentally friendly buses that prevent air pollution and operate without noise, sound pollution is also prevented. It makes public transportation attractive with its many features from fuel savings to low maintenance costs, from comfort to speed.

EGO General Directorate, which aims to popularize electric buses throughout the city, has signed the protocol signed while the manufacturing process of buses with EU grants continues. Bozankaya It has included three electric buses from its company in its vehicle fleet for trial use.

In addition, studies on the conversion of 22 buses to be built by BELKA A.Ş., a subsidiary of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, to XNUMX% electric will be started soon.


The 10, 18 and 25 meter long domestic production Sileo electric buses, which were included in the city vehicle fleet for test purposes, started their trial runs as of Friday, June 25, 2021.

Trial flights, which started on the 309 Karapürçek-Yeniyol-Ulus-Gar-Beşevler-AŞTİ-Ankara City Hospital and 504 Yenikent-Sıhhiye lines, will continue until September 1, 2021.

The departure times and route information of the vehicles can be accessed via the EGO CEP'TE application and the "Urban Transportation Information System" located at the "ego.gov.tr" address.


After a long break, the residents of Başkent, traveling with new buses, expressed their satisfaction with the silent buses and thanked them with the following words:

-Yusuf Kirat: “It is very nice, it is also a source of pride for the new buses to be domestic. Service is always important. The Metropolitan Municipality also provides this service. We thank you."

-Mehmet Karaman: “The electric bus runs very quietly. I really like. Best wishes."

-Ekrem Uzun: “The new buses are very nice and comfortable. We were happy that we came across the test drives.”

-Erkan Guner: “I am riding for the first time; I was surprised to see it and liked it very much. I am very satisfied, it is a beautiful vehicle. We knew that the vehicles would be bought, but I did not think that I would be the first passenger; It came across very well.”

-Reyhan Open: “I liked the fact that it is an obstacle-free vehicle, everything has been thought of for disabled citizens and children. Comfortable, well-maintained, clean and hygiene is at the forefront. I was fortunate to ride first. I like it very much, thank you.”

-Serkan Kayran: “We really liked the buses, they are very nice. Good luck to the nation. Mansur President is working very well.”

-Serhat Ozgur: “Very nice. Thanks to the increase in the number of buses, we will be able to catch every road.”

-Yunus Emre: “There were no buses for over ten years. It's nice that it's electric. We are very pleased and happy with the services rendered by Mansur President.”

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